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Let go after FTO - getting back into full time.


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  • Let go after FTO - getting back into full time.

    .Thanks for the feedback
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    My GF's sister went through the exact same BS. She is now working FT for a large department. You'll be fine... I just need to figure out the predictiment I am in...


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      Im glad you posted this. Im about a month out of field training and I cant seem to do anything to gain the approval of my supervisors. To make things worse, I got written up for a rule violation. Im debating between resigning on my own or not. I know im most likely going to get some kind of disciplinary action but im not sure what yet. Either way Im trying to figure out how to leave my department without making myself look bad to other departments.


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        If you made it through FTO that's half the battle, the rest is getting off your probation period. Best of luck to you!

        I know there's gotta be more of us "washouts" out there, but I know from experience many are reluctant to discuss it. I was, too, but time heals all and I'm much more open about my experiences now.

        There's light at the end of the tunnel and I think there's a hefty support base here for those of us who didn't fit in with our first department (or subsequent departments).

        To those who sent PM's, thanks. If anyone else has stories to share, feel free to jump in on this thread.


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          Originally posted by GalacticaCAG View Post
          During field training, I had six FTO's for 4 weeks each...
          Well, being from the "old school" of policing (meaning long before you were even born) I never heard of so many FTO's. Mine consisted of one training officer for 30 days and I was on my own, working a one-man cruiser in the inner city on nights. I'm sorry your dream and expectations did not pan out the way you planned. But, lets get serious about the job. It is a tough, dangerous profession. If it was easy, every Tom, Dick and Harry who applies would be hired. You obviously meet the strict requirements to be considered and was trained in the academy, in good faith, to become a lean mean well-trained officer for your department. But, now that you have worked the streets, you have failed to meet those important "street" requirments to survive and function safely. Somehow, you have to reach deep down within and figure out, what the hell happened? What did you do wrong? What could you have done to better yourself as a law enforcement officer? I won't sugarcoat this, but after that many training officers, one should definately be able to perform the tasks asked of an officer. And if not, maybe a LE officer career is not in the cards for you. If you still feel it is, then as I said, you better search your soul for the answer.
          The views/opinions expressed here are solely mine. I'm retired and I don't care. I truly do not want to offend anyone, but if you are thin skinned and have no sense of humor, you better find another line of work. Therefore, I don't have to be politically correct and I will exercise my freedom of speech, until it's taken away. May God bless all retirees. We've done our duty and earned our peace.


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            I know I guy who was a probationary release from one dept. because he didn't fit in. We hired him FT and he is now a FT Sgt. at another agency. Conversely, we released a guy because of some issues and we didn't think he was a good fit; he is now working FT at another dept.


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              Originally posted by GalacticaCAG View Post
              Since they never gave me a concrete reason, all I could explain to them was that I had a few FTO's who I could do nothing right by.

              You were given the benefit of six FTO's(although I suspect at least one to have been a remedial trainer) I also suspect the reason(s) for not making it through training is located within these unfavorable/average ratings. If you look hard enough, you'll probably find your concrete reason for not making it through training.
              "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson



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                Originally posted by CPD7297 View Post
                If it was easy, every Tom, Dick and Harry who applies would be hired.

                You must haven't heard of St.Louis Police Department LMAO lol..oops i just noticed this was the LEO only sections o but I couldn't resist!
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