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  • Start Academy soon...

    I suppose this is similar to the other "nervious rookie" or "advice needed", etc. threads, but here goes - I'm attending an Academy that starts the last week of January. I have absolutely zero Military/LE background, just 4 years of college and 3 years of full time work experience. I'm fairly comfortable/excited with the thought of just about everything I'll face at the Academy, but the one thing I'm clueless and slightly nervous about is Military-style commands, practices, procedures, etc.

    Is it likely that I will be given information beforehand or the first few days of the Academy? Or will I probably just get screamed at until I get it right?

    Thanks all.
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    A little help

    I’ve been in two Academies within this year! my first was in Atlanta. Very good academy! It was very tuff but if you really want to be an officer I'm sure that you will be able to handle everything that the instructors throw at you! MY first day in Atl PD was hard we did literally 300 push-ups in about 95 degree heat, was O.C sprayed, ground fought my partner, boxed my partner and PTed every day and this was all in the first week! but I survived. I left Atl to come back home to Chicago PD which is no where near as tuff as Atl. I'm currently in week 14 of 24 and everything is going fine. I'm 35 yrs Old and if I can do two academies in one year I'm sure you can do this! there is going to be a lot of screaming no matter what you do because everything you do will be wrong!! Just give them 100% but don't over do it where you get hurt and have to be recycled, this is the worst thing that could happen to you other than being separated! Good Luck stay safe and do a lot of running!!!: cool:


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      14 years of military here and I just graduated from a police academy. EXPECT to be yelled at. It is not personal, it is to inflict stress. Your staff expects you to screw up. If you could do this job without making mistakes, there would be no need for academies. As your academy progresses you will make fewer mistakes and get yelled at less. Remember this, if you cannot handle somebody that WANTS you to be successful; yell and sceam at you while in a safe and controlled environement, you will dangerously and miserably fail when a 250lb guy that is **ssed off and riding a PCP train comes after you. The yelling and screaming if meant to help you succeed in the field. Also, keep in mind that mistakes of the mind are acceptable, mistakes of the heart are not. Make morally correct decisions and you will be fine.


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        Are you talking about like drill commands like, attention, at ease, right face, forward march, etc........ I Was nervouse about that kind of stuff as well as I had no Military background. My DI pulled one of our prior military guys up front and had him demonstrate, after that we went outside and had about ten minutes to practice. From then on we had to know the commands and movements. And don't say "Atten Hut", my DI hated that he would fire back with "you wanna be in a tin hut?, I'll put you in a tin hut"

        If that is what you are talking about, here you go (I copied this)

        "Fall in" - Individuals form a formation at the position of attention.
        "Fall out" - Individuals drop out of formation. By custom, officers usually take a single step backward with their left foot. Noncommissioned personnel take a step back with the left foot, then with their right, and then perform an about face.
        "Attention" - Individuals snap to the position in which they are standing straight, looking forward, and not moving.
        "Present, ARMS" - Individuals execute a hand or rifle salute and hold it until given the command "order arms".
        "Order, ARMS" - Individuals bring their hand or rifle back down to their side.
        "Open ranks, MARCH" - Movement in which each row (rank) spreads out from another row.
        "Close ranks, MARCH" - Movement in which the formation is restored to its normal interval.
        "Dress right, DRESS" - Movement in which individuals except those on the extreme left side raise their left arms parallel to the ground in order to get the proper distance from each other.
        "Parade, REST" - Individuals spread their feet about 12 inches while bringing both of their arms behind their back interlocking their hands. The back of the left hand rests against the back. The back of the right hand rests on the palm of the left, with the left thumb locked over the right hand and the right thumb locked over the left thumb. If armed, individuals put their left hand behind their back, extending their rifle while the butt remains on the ground by their right foot.
        "Stand at ease" - Individuals perform the command of parade rest, but their eyes and head follow the person in charge.
        "At ease" - Individuals are permitted light movement given their right foot does not leave the ground; they are not allowed to talk.
        "Rest" - Individuals are permitted light movement and may also engage in quiet conversation as long as their right leg is planted on the ground. Can also be expressed by the command "Relax"
        "Forward, MARCH" - Individuals begin marching, from the left foot and a 30 inch step at 120 steps per minute.
        "Company/Platoon/Squad, Halt" - Individuals stop marching.
        "Right, (left) FACE" - A turn 90 degrees to the right (left).
        "About, FACE" - A turn 180 degrees facing the opposite direction, executed to the right.
        "Recover, TO" - All persons using the right hand grab their cover on "Recover" and remove the cover on "TO"
        "COVER" - Used to align to the person in fron of them in formation, when used after the command "Recover, TO", all persons replace their cover and remain holding their cap with ther right hand until "TO" is given where they return to the position of attention.
        "Right (left) step, MARCH" - Individuals take side steps to the right (left).
        "By the Right (left) flank, MARCH" - A 90 degree pivot to the right (left) while marching.
        "Right (left) oblique, MARCH" - A 45 degree pivot to the right (left) while marching.
        "Column right (left), MARCH" - A movement in which the entire formation executes a series of turns depending on their position. The goal of this movement is to get the entire formation to turn to the right (left) while keeping the same people in the same positions known as column formation.
        "To the Rear, MARCH" - A turn 180 degrees while marching, also executed to the right.
        "Change step, MARCH" - Individuals execute a movement in order to get on step with the formation.
        "Route step" - Individuals walk normally without being in step. Often used on long marches or when crossing a bridge to avoid creating harmonic rhythms. The Air Force uses a different command: "At ease, march."
        "Extend, MARCH" - A movement in which the formation widens.
        "Close, MARCH" - A movement in which the formation narrows in width.
        "Mark time, MARCH" - Marching in place.
        "Half step, MARCH" - Marching at half the distance, often bringing the upper leg parallel to the ground. 15 Inch Steps.
        "Double time, MARCH" - Marching at twice the cadence of "Forward March;" something of a light jog. The unit is still required to keep in step.
        "Right shoulder, ARMS" - The rifle is placed on the right shoulder. The right hand holds the butt of the rifle and the forearm is parallel to the ground.
        "Left shoulder, ARMS" - Same as right shoulder arms except on the left side.
        "Port arms, ARMS" - The rifle is carried diagonally in front of the body by both hands.
        "Counter-column, MARCH" - The platoon is ordered to reverse direction while marching. The columns neatly turn in on themselves and at the end of the movement the entire marching column has reversed direction. Also known as "circle counter", or "counter march".
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          Thanks all... I'm ok with being yelled at - and I know that it's for my own good (at least as far as they're concerned!).

          Fuzz, the commands are perfect, thank you!! I think that's what I'm most iffy about.. I'm sure I'll be fine though... just over 4 weeks now!
          "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils"


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