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    I have been with the WVSP for a little more than one year. I have never worn gloves, but the last few months there have been a few incidents where I wished I had a pair. I am very particular to feel, so I was wanting something that will give me the protection and where I won't loose much feel. I don't want to pay too much, just something to get me by, what is the best option out there for me? THANKS!

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    thats a good question, i was wondering the same thing... but i dont want to spend to much money...


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      I use those Mechanix gloves from the automotive section in Wal-Mart. You don't lose much feeling and they protect well. They cost maybe $15-$20 so if you lose them, get blood on em, etc just toss em and get a new pair.


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        I have a pair of hatch shooting gloves. I love their gloves but the ones I have won't serve you in the touchy feely department.

        They do however make some that are used for searching subjects. They are ***** resistant and I believe they have a good touchy feely factor.

        The glove pictured on their homepage is similar to mine.

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          I use regular black (p)leather batting gloves. Not as much protection as the lined search gloves, but you can feel anything they have.

          Keeps the blood, dirt, drugs, and sores off your skin, but you still have to be aware of sharp objects.


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            Good suggestion about the hatch corp gloves.

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              I use the Hatch Street Guard gloves. Have been using them for quite sometime now and they work great. Can get them for under $40.00 and they are worth it.......


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                Under Armour batting gloves. The Nike ones are good too. You can still feel everything, protects your hands, and you can throw 'em in the wash. Plus, they look BA! =) haha
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                  I use Hatch Specialist neoprene gloves. They have padded fingertips (except index) and a padded palm. Not cut resistant, but they provide good protection and are around $20.
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                    Which gloves?

                    I've been looking at Turtle Skin Search Gloves ($80.00)


                    and at HexArmor Gloves ($52.00)


                    I was just wondering if anyone here had any personal experiece with either brand and what they though? Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks!
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                      I just bought a pair of turtleskin alphas and so far I do not like them. The needle resistant material in the palm and fingers is very stiff which make it difficult to feel small objects while searching. I just ordered a set of Hexarmor pointguards. I'm hoping these provide better dexterity.


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                        I'm glad this thread exists, because I came into the rookie corner to make a thread but felt it was kind of stupid to begin with.

                        I bought some under armour batting gloves today to use in patrol, but was wondering if they were washable. Parts of them are leather... I've been wondering what's the point of batting gloves (which I've heard are common in patrol) to keep the grime off if they just collect grime themselves and aren't even washable...

                        Someone posted above saying their under armour batting gloves are washable so I assume I'm good to go...?


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                          Anything is washable. I have washed my full leather gloves several times and they are still holding up after three years of dirt and blood. I got mine at LA Police Gear on clearance for $10. I suspect some pleather products may not hold up as well.


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                            Hatch SG 100's LOVE THEM!


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                              Hatch Resister gloves are fantastic! I bought three pairs in seventeen years. 1pr for motorcycle and bicycle patrol. After many crashes and lay downs (bicycle) they held up very well to road rash and duty. 1pr for patrol and they served well in searches and protection. 1pr for civvy life and riding the roads on my Harley w/ 1000s of miles in rain and sun. Comfy, strong, and decently warm in winter.

                              They are Kevlar lined and a bit stiff new. I recommend sending them through the wash with some fabric softener to get them instantly broke in. I washed my patrol gloves quite often and they took ten years of hard abuse well.

                              NOTE: Hands are very different and like shoes need to be fitted in person, if possible, to keep from having that squiggy end to the fingertips.

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