My 1 year anniversary is a month away.

What was your first assignment the first day you got off of FTO?

They placed me and the other schmuck they hired on train patrol. (I work for the transit police) We walked the street and rode the subway for a week. I tell you what, it was SO much fun. We're both new at the job and it was hilarious the way we went about trying to figure the job out.

1/2 a cop + 1/2 a cop = 1 a cop I guess. It was a great time. NO am/fm radio, just us coming up with games to play and people to make fun of to pass the time. It really reinforced my confidence in my judgment, because we both didn't know what to do. So whatever we decided on doing, that was that. Because what we do in this job involves us making instinctive decisions. Having confidence in your choices can save you the stress of wondering if you did "the right thing" or can may mean your life or death.