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    Well, I was officially sworn in today with my department and have the academy to look forward to starting tomorrow. I'm quite nervous as I obviously want to do the best that I can since the department hired me before the academy.

    I figured to make things a little more humorous for me today since I'm stressing out a bit, maybe you guys had some funny stores to tell/advice to give concerning your academy or training experiences

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    Expect to be yelled at for anything (real or imagined), just don't smile because you know it's coming. Your reaction (a smile, frown, looking away or directly at the DI) is what the staff is hoping to see and jump on you for. It's all a game and this part of it doesn't last long.
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      First, Congratulation. I wish you well in your training and your career.

      Second, while it's a good sign that you are nervous (it shows you are taking this seriously), don't get stressed out too much. The training is difficult, but it doesn't require any super-human strength. All of us went through it, and you will too. Work hard, study hard, keep yourself in shape, and keep your nose clean. You'll do just fine.
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        I'll second that. Good luck


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          LOl....At least I had already been in the Marines, hench gone to Marine boot camp (Good ol' Parris Island) to help me out. You'll do fine, don't worry about it.
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