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  • Texas Vehicle Accidents

    I'm a new recruit and just want to get some info to hopefully impress my FTO. So minor accidents on roadways we deal with but what about in parking lots? Walmart or other major retailers? Just have the parties exchange insurance info? No accident report necessary on our end? And what If a person doesn't want to exchange insurance info? What do we do? Appreciate the info and advice in advance.

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    Better off asking in the Texas forum
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      Parking lots are non-reportable areas. Check your General orders or Standard Operating procedures. This should have been covered in the academy, but, just ask your FTO...that is what he is there for.

      Don't worry about impressing your FTO...you are there to learn, ask questions. You will impress your FTO by learning what he has taught you and how you implement it.
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        Don't worry about impressing your FTO with stuff like this. Some agencies take private property crashes. What does your agency do? Your questions are good ones, and your FTO is the person you need to ask.


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