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  • tension

    well i been otj for a 1 1/2 years now and i have been told that i am doing a good job by my higher command. lately they have acknowledged me in front of the squad i work with and ever since then i have been treated different. it seems when i walk into the briefing room i feel alot of tension coming from them and if i make a mistake they try to break me down and make me feel like i don't know what i'm doing. yes i go in do my job write my tickets make arrests and do what i'm told but i don't see why i have to be rejected by the people that i work with. just wondering if anybody ever had a similar typr of ordeal

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    I llike to call it egoitis. When you work, they look lazy. If your doing the same amount as them it all OK because everyone is equally lazy. When you doing more, their laziness stands out like a B****r in sweat pants.

    they will get over it and you will get lazier. They will both come at about the same time.

    Or, your crazy and the little voices in your head are telling you your better than everyone else. I which case that wasnt the Admin telling you good job, it was you telling you good job. Its all as clear as mud now isnt it.
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      Well, I've always believed that praise in public is a good supervisory tool. It could be, and it's been noted previously, that you're work is over and above what the Guys in the squad want to do. You can look at that as their problem, or you can slow down a little. That's your call. If you're purposely attempting to "show them up" yah, that could be a problem. Don't forget, these are the Guys you want coming both barrells if you call for back up. If you're simply giving the taxpayers their money's worth, that's great. At the end of the day, you know which is the case.


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