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Being a cop and a YouTuber


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    An agency is in control of what comes out of their agency so you would have to get agency permission to 'Tube about anything relating to them. I'm sure you can continue your travel and review videos, but you would have to limit any videos connected with your agency to what they would allow.

    As an example, you could say you were a full time LEO with a local/state/federal agency while reviewing a LE tool of the trade or showing a new way to shoot tactically, but again, not use any reference to your agency...without their approval. Good luck!


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      The fact that it seems like a bad idea to you should scream high decibels.


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        Sometimes you can do it with style and even identify yourself. This LAPD officer has been doing it for years. Based on how well its done and how long its lasted, I suspect that behind the scenes, LAPD Public Affairs may have had a hand in it. His videos have cut down because he switched from motors to helicopters and can't film from there but what's posted is informative.


        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          I mean, if you're prepared for your first day (or shortly thereafter) to be as follows:
          - Everyone arrives in the ready room
          - Supervisor walks in and begins roll call
          - He/She (eh.. ill stick with He) then turns around, turns on the tv/lowers a projector screen, and steps out of the way
          - He presses play, and a montage of your youtube footage starts playing, but it has been edited to bust your balls and make fun of you
          - Everyone you work with literally remembers you for that your entire career and laughs at you for it all the time

          If you are ok with that, then yeah.. go ahead and keep it. You thought internet trolls were bad... oh... just wait until you meet LE trolls, who are masters of said craft.


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            One piece of advice.

            “Anything you say can and will be used against you”.

            Everything you say or do in public or put on the internet for everyone to see can be used against you. No subpoena or warrant needed.

            Your life, your decision.


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