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What a first night on patrol (kinda long)


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  • What a first night on patrol (kinda long)

    Ok so tonight was my very first night on patrol. I roll into post and everything is cool...I am working the 5-3 shift w/ the senior sgt. We get out on the street about 6 or so...and he is just showing me things. The nights going great till around 11 or so, and we get a RP saying that they had just been robbed (business). We have discriptions of the subjects so we look around for them for a sec, dont see them and go to the business. Once we get there, we look at the survallinace tape and get a good idea of what the mopes are wearing. Well...all of a sudden one of the other officers radio's that he see's them, so we head on over there.

    From this point on its pretty straight forward, we take them into custody and we go back to post to book 'em. Wellllll...this is when things got interesting. I should have known that the subject was going to act up, he had stated that "he was not going to go to jail". Well, no sooner do I get him out of the backseat then that sob ran!!! Now mind you, this is my first night...and the guy is running on me! The sgt who was unlocking the door to booking puts it out on the radio and off I go after him. I had taken about two steps and I feel my radio let go....i look over and sure enough...there it goes, flying over my left shoulder. At this point on im F*** it. I am yelling at the subject to stop while I am grabbing for my asp becuase this guy is a convicted murderer mind you. after about 80 yards I catch up with him, tackle him and I put him down HARD. Two sqauds pulled up about 15 seconds later and it litteraly took all of us to get him into the backseat of one of them. That little incident took up the remainder of our whole shift.

    I know its a long story but wow...what a first night haha! I love it.

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    good story keep me posted on otheres that you may encounter ...


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      Do yall not have a sallyport? At our jail if they run they will make it about 10 feet before they hit a door.
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        Ha. My first night out of the academy when I was at KC I did my little walk around for the car and lights/siren/video/mic check then rolled out. FTO says, "Go to the pumps." While filling up with gas, "Reported shots fired in the area of 33rd and Park.........correction this is gonna be upgraded to a shooting, at least 3 victims at this time." My FTO says, "get in the car, were going!" "144 we'll take that for experience." GREAT! I go code down Prospect and get there and there's 4 victims all shot and I get to drown. Don't get me started on the way some FTO's are but one hell of a first call and first night.

        Oh, your guy was cuffed right?


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          we have baracades around our precinct so they cant get far HAH!
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