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    I have learned more than a career full of lessons and experiences. I was shot on duty 8 weeks into fto. A bolo went out dec 5 2006 for a stolen blue truck going south on la 1. Me and my fto officer got behind the vehicle. I was driving he was talking me through it we rehearsed our roles it was like the academy it was surreal. we stopped the car my fto took the lead guns out to the driver side of the truck I crossed over to catch the pass side in case he pulled out a gun. I covered my fto as he began to handcuff the suspect when a truck pulled up into oncoming traffic pulled a 20 gauge shot gun (slug) shot my fto in the back and i open fire on the vehicle i was shot in the left arm while firing many shots at the vehicle. He passed back and forth firing shots at both me and my fto we were shooting back severely injured and all i was proud of myself. Unfortunately i had lost 3 pints of blood from my arm almost being blown all the way off but i didnt care i was ready to take the guy out i wasnt sure if my fto was alive. Hes alive today because he was wearing his vest. It made a hole in his back from back face deformation but atleast hes alive and well. Myself I have a left arm. They reconstructed it slowly but i still need many more surgeries to repair nerve damage and such. This was a total eye opener rookie or not lol I think I handled that ambush well. We made it out and thats all thats important. to all the rookies out there never discount any situation as under control cause it can fly out of control real quick.

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    Heck of a way to start out a career. FYI for everyone else...
    From another site:
    Two deputies were shot in Lafourche Parish as they attempted to arrest a man stopped in a stolen truck on Tuesday morning, and two suspects were arrested later in the day.

    Robert Alan Power, 18, of Martinez, Ga., and Daniel Stewart Rhodes, 22, of Harlen, Ga., seemed to have gotten lost in the Thibodaux area, said Larry Weidel, Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman. "They didn't know where they were," he said.

    They spent Monday night in a white truck they had stolen in Georgia, sleeping outside a convenience store just south of Thibodaux, he said.

    Around 6:30 a.m., Rhodes jumped into a blue pickup that had pulled up to the store for gasoline, and took off. Within a few minutes, Deputies Roland Guillot, 44, and Bridget Rupe, 23, who were on patrol, spotted the stolen vehicle and pulled it over to the side of the road, Weidel said.

    Rhodes got out of the truck at the officers' order and Guillot attempted to handcuff him, when Power drove by in the truck stolen earlier. Power fired a 20-gauge shotgun, hitting Guillot in the back of his body armor and just below the vest. Rupe was hit in the left arm.

    Both officers returned fire, but Rhodes was able to break free, jumping into Power's truck. They took off to a wooded area off Louisiana 1, driving on a gravel road between Raceland and Thibodaux, Weidel said. The two men abandoned the truck and ran into to the woods.

    Police units from the Sheriff's Office and neighboring jurisdictions, along with a Louisiana State Police helicopter, cordoned off a three-mile area to search for Power and Rhodes. They eventually found the men, arresting them about 10 a.m. "without incident," Weidel said.

    The injured officers were taken to Thibodaux Regional Hospital, he said. Although Rupe had surgery on her arm, neither have life-threatening wounds.

    Rupe had only been out of a law-enforcement training academy for about a month, Weidel said.

    Both suspects were to be booked with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, Weidel said.

    Copyright 2006 The Times-Picayune Publishing Company
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      Thank God you came out OK. You officially make my list of true heroes (and its a pretty exclusive club btw). Sounds like you responded like a vetern and took the fight to the bad guys despite being wounded yourself. If you could see me right now, I'm standing at attention and giving you a full on salute. Way to go.


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        I'm so happy to hear you're alive, and nice job on returning fire despite your injuries. Never been shot at or had to fire my weapon, and God forbid I have to do such a thing, I hope if the time comes I can act as courageously as you did.

        Best of luck on a speedy recovery to you and your partner.

        My salute to you Warrior.

        -Phlip in Michigan
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          As pointed out, you are certainly a hero....and you are right about learning a career's worth in a short time. I'm glad you two pulled through OK. Sounds like you showed great courage through the whole ordeal.

          If you do not mind me asking, what is the latest with your recovery?


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            Good job girl !!! You have my respect for your courage.
            Many Kudos to you.
            AND GET WELL SOON !!!!!
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              Glad to hear you are ok. Stay Safe!


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                Glad to hear that both you and your FTO came out of it Ok. You concentrate on getting healed up and then work the physical therapy on that arm...I'm betting that your department is already missing a certain young officer with a helluva lot of potential.
                "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
                -Friedrich Nietzsche


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                  Balls of Iron - not an easy thing to have for a lady!

                  Heal. Enjoy your place in this world as a bona fide, field tested, hero.

                  And get some.

                  You make me proud I wore a badge.

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                    I will buy you a beer next time i am down that way.

                    Glad to hear you made it out and glad to see you fight until the threat was gone. Great Job.


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                      Outstanding job! I'm glad you came out of it alive. Like some of the other posts stated, you're a hero. You are also the kind of cop that gives all the good guys wearing a badge a good name. Hope you have speedy recovery and get back out there keep doing what your doing.
                      STAY SAFE!
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                        Excellent job Deputy (***as he shakes Bridget's hand***)

                        Heal well, and do keep us informed on your progress, ok?
                        "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson



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                          Way to keep your head- great job!

                          Heal up soon.
                          What Delta said x2


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                            Thanks guys means alot ! Ill be looking foward to that beer if you ever make it here.
                            ‎"I'm angry. It's okay. I'll process my anger. I love myself. Whoosah.


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                              Awesome job Bridget....be proud, you are already one helluva cop and you'll just get better with time.

                              God Bless

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