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  • KIT: Needle Proof gloves

    Hi guys,
    On my 8th week on the beat with my tutor constable. We seem to we stumbling on drug paraphanelia about every other search that we carry out. I am getting increasingly aware of the dangers of Hep and AIDS.

    Can you guys recommend a REALLY good pair of gloves to buy? I was thinking Turtleskin Search gloves, but I am open to other choices. Pls understand that I have absolutely no way of going out and tryig these items out, where I live and police.

    They need to have the high(highest) needle resistance, cut resistance as possible with a good degree of sensitivity for searches and comfort for constant wear. I guess money is not an object considering its my vocation and life.

    warmest Regards
    Merseyside Police, UK.

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    I wouldn't buy Turtleskin gloves. I bought a pair to use when I was a corrections officer and found them to be very stiff and plastic like. They basically sit in my bag and never get used. I just got issued a pair of gloves that Damascus makes that use Superfabric. I am very impressed with them even though I haven't had a chance to try them out on the street yet.


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      Hatch gloves work awsome, they are kevalr lined. But nothing is needle proof. Go and get yourself, one of thos small extendable mechanic wand with the magnet on the end, they are great for picking up rigs and sharps.


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        Not ideal

        The problem with gloves is they reduce your senses so therefore are not ideal for wearing during a drug search.

        I presume you pat them down with your baton, etc before using your hand and also get them to turn their own pockets out?


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          Originally posted by AnGardaSiochana
          I presume you pat them down with your baton, etc before using your hand and also get them to turn their own pockets out?
          This has crossed my mind, but around the UK, we might get mushed for aggressive behaviour or even assault if I touch someone with a baton. I could use a pen I guess.

          My colleaugues already view me with some suspicion because I carry my CASCO in my hand (un extended) when we go to DVs/Youths Causing Anoyance/Assaults or into alleys.

          Taking all into consideration, a pair of gloves are in order for me.


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