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Going for medical next week, vision question.


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  • Going for medical next week, vision question.

    Hi all!

    I was hired as a PO 2 days ago and will be going for my medical sometime before 10/10/05. When I applied for the job, I saw nothing that mentioned vision requirements. I have a condition in my left eye called central amblyopia, which means I can't focus on text thats directly in front of me out of my LEFT EYE ONLY. I can however, drive, shoot, etc. with my left eye, the only thing I can't do is read text.
    I went to an Optometrist the other day who said that binocular, my vision is 20/15, which is GREAT. My left eye vision by itself is 20/100, which he can correct to 20/80 within 6 months. I have no need for glasses or contacts.
    Sorry for all the babbling, but my question is, do you think that the left eye will be a problem? They have not been strict on the hiring process at all. He almost forgot to even schedule me for a medical.


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    It may be a potential problem because in police work, you will be writing/typing many many police reports. Eyes can get fatigued easily after all that report writing especially during the night shifts in lousy patrol car lighting.

    Be up front and honest about your condition. If they hired you they want you and chances are they will work with you.

    Where I work that would have been a major goof up - we have to pass everything including the medical portion before we get a job offer. Good luck.
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