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    Originally posted by airforcej30
    Any candidates in process right now?
    Thinking about it. Would be in the Academy on January 2006, if I pass the other parts; expect to. I'm already in Brooklyn, have my 60 credits (no degree yet - am working on it). The money's much lower than what I can make now, though. Might try to swing it anyway. Single guy, early 30s. I've never been in law enforcment before.


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      I actually applied to the NYPD last year, and turned it down. Instead, I was accepted by the Montgomery County PD, in MD, and I love it. Yes, I had to pack up and leave NY, as did my wife, but the starting salary there is $15,000 more than NY. It is also a very well run organization. Just me 2 cents. I am a very happy officer.


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        NYPD Academy - January 06

        First post to the board so I figure I take a moment to introduce myself. I'm done processing (except for the mini-medical) and probably going into the January 06 class (now known as the $25K class).

        I'm currently working as a Auxiliary and have for the past couple of years while I made up my mind about whether to do this full-time or not. I still have my days where the $25K seems a bit low to live on in NYC.

        I live in Brooklyn by myself and have for the past 10 years. After living alone for amost a decade, the thought of having a roommate makes me a little nervous but at the $25K I might have to bite the bullet.

        Anyway, thought I would say hello and if I can answer any questions or help anyone, let me know. I currently work in the same building as the Academy so I have seen many classes go through and have lots of friends on the job and a couple that are in the Academy now.
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          My opinion.....I posted one on NYPD under the "NYC apartment sharing for nypd recruits". JUst my 2 cents maybe 5.
          And yes thats the way I wanted to spell it!lol


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            nypd = 25k

            im also signed up for the 25k class this jan06. still have to do my medical and physco test, character ivestigations etc.. i have my medical date so its moving along.

            25K is not alot to live on. i work for that much at hsbc bank a few years ago. after acadamy it jumps to 32k but still i think 32k should be the acadamy rate and 35 maybe for after acadamy.

            i dunno just my 2 cents. im looking forward to a great job but hope i dont get screwed by the machine.
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              25k a year... how do you even deal with it?

              $25,100 a year is so horribly insulting to the men who protect the world's greatest city. I wonder how Bloomberg gets away with it! $44,000 was an acceptable wage to start off at, and how it got negotiated DOWN almost twenty grand is amazing. How Bloomberg got reelected is even more amazing. I am strongly considering applying for the MTA Police (don't even know where to start with them).

              Seriously, the police should just strike. If it's illegal, who's going to arrest them, other police who KNOW the wages suck? It's NYC... they have the budget and the ability to pay every fireman and cop at least $50,000 at the start, whether they admit it or not. Bloomberg cannot just fire every striking cop, cause then retraining a competent number of officers and getting their experience up would be very hard.

              These policemen are patient as hell.... Stop and Shop cashiers make more than they do, the Staten Island Ferry deckhands make more than them too.

              NYPD used to pay very well for what they did, and after 9/11, the leaders in the city just ****ed all over them.


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