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    Any candidates in process right now ? Is this "new" low salary in effect for the Jan 2006 class even if you took the exam prior to this new degrading contract ? $25,100 while in the academy, $32,700 after graduation ???? What are they thinking ?
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    NYPD's pay

    The new 25K salary in the academy / 32k upon graduation is in effect even if you took the test before the new contract. I hear this July 05 class is packed because everyone wanted to get in before the salary dropped.

    I'm curious to see what happens with the January class. I hear that NYPD was having recruitment problems before the new, lower salary. My guess is that they're going to have to either lower the age/educational requirement or find a way to raise the salary.

    There's a mayoral candidate (Ferrer?) right now who is saying that he will raise the starting salary of the PD if elected. Guess who's getting my vote?

    I'm taking the October exam which will be good for about 4 years. I plan on sitting tight for a year to see what happens in terms of salary before signing on (it also gives me time to save up some money so I'm not destitute my first year).
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      It's a damn shame if you ask me ... such an honorable job taken so lightly. Your right about the recruiting issues, who knows what will happen? I don't think lowering the age or educational requirements will help. Both my brothers are on the job, and beleive me there are a few characters on the job now as it is.

      I'm not sure what to do at this point ... I guess if you want it bad enough you'll have to sacrifice in the beginning. I only wish I made this decision 7 years ago instead of waiting till the age of 28 to start my career, noit that I'm old but I wasted 7 years that I could have already earned towards my retirement at 41.

      I don't think anything will be changed any time soon .. even with a new mayor, I have seen the long tediuos negotiation process for the NYPD. I'll probably jump on the ban-wagon in Jan with hope of a fair increase within 2 years.


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        Can anyone comment on a new nypd officer's likely first assignment. Obviously a lot go into the various patrol precints, but I know I would be real disappointed getting assigned to transit, even housing doesn't have the same appeal as patrol.

        Specifically, what do you kow about the "dreamsheets" you fill out at the end of the academy? Can you request patrol vs transit vs housing?


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          We're in the same boat. I thought about joining the PD right after college, but another job fell in my lap and I took it. I have some serious regrets about not signing on then. If the 25K was the salary when I was 21, I could live on it no problem. Now, it is going to be more difficult.

          I will say though, that I'm a lot smarter now than I was at 21, which can only be to my advantage. I just feel like I wasted 5 years of my life.
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            I'm told the dream sheets ask you to choose 2 patrol boroughs, 2 transit boroughs, and 2 housing boroughs that you'd like to work in. You can't choose a specific precinct. There's also no guarantee that you'll get any of the choices on your list and that in the end, they may just put you where they need you.


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              Just realized that this area is for law enforcement officers only and that I probably shouldn't have been posting. Sorry - next time I'll look before I leap.


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                Why is the PD lowering salaries? You would think that a city as big as NY would be able to pay better than that! Whats the cost of living like?


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                  well as far as the dream sheets, it is correct that they make u choose an area that has a transit and a housing unit. however, like it is titled it is a DREAM Sheet!! you'll never get the area you want unless you make a phone call and pull some strings. The first 6 mons is what they call impact precints. those are the places they throw you and after 6 mons you can be picked to stay or you get thrown somewhere inside the borough. Secondly as far as the salary those who are going to take the 25 a yr god bless you.. cuz i wouldnt take it for that price, my life ant worth 40 grand let alone 25 a yr. just to put it in persepective those making 25 a year will be working roughly w/o overtime 2.5 years to make what i am making now.... so if you look at it your putting in 2 yrs more than i am to make decent money and thats not worth it. Now the reason why we arent paid decently in NYCPD is that Bloomberg states that we do not pick this job for the money we pick it becasuse we enjoy it and want to help the communty. DOnt forget now Bloomberg only makes 99 cents a yr as mayor, but hes a billionaire. DOuble standard i think so!!!! How ironic is that.... Good Luck!!


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                    Doing the job because one may love it or not is one thing...Trying to survive (own or rent a nice home or apartment, put food on the table etc) is another thing especially in one of the most expensive cities in the nation..Not forgetting about paying into your pension, union dues etc...what are you left with..?

                    I feel that if they somehow lift the residency requirement and allow for officers to reside in NJ...they may get more applicants (or it may be easier for one)...cheaper living and many are already settled there with decent rent payments..


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                      NYPD "Dream Sheet"

                      I'm not to sure how this works ... although SMOOTH made a few good points being that he is in the academy now. I do know this ... if you have any military backround (thank god I do) you can choose the position of Company Sergeant while in the academy. It is more responcibility than other recruits but the benefits are that you get to pick your precinct upon graduation. I only know this because my brother chose that position and he is in the precinct he picked.


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                        Does the NYPD give preferential assignments to top graduates from the academy? Does it pay to do well?


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                          When I was there in 1990 the only people who got to chose their commands after graduation where the company Sgts and the class validictorian. We all put or names on a wish list as to where we wanted to go, but only those people with connections actually went there.


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                            Hey guys, got any advice for a guy fresh out of college with a criminal justice degree. I want to go to the NYPD, and i am scheduled to be in the JAN 06 academy but i have some reservatiosn about living arrangments and how the academy will be. If anyone is interested in appartmets or anything like that i am open to anyone. I really dont want to commute (from westchester, croton on Hudson) so it will be a long *** train ride if i dont live in the city. I also want to know about what i can expect in the academy. I have read all the posts on here and most are the same but some have outrageous facts. I would like some straight answers (wouldn't we all?) What physical condition i should be in, what time does the academy start? I heard 7 am or 4 pm depending if you get the morning class or the afternoon? is this a rumor? i also want to know any general info you have.

                            Thank you to all


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                              If you have your college degree you are wasting your time being hired by the NYPD. Go to Law or Medical school so you can earn a decent salary. Starting pay for the NYPD is 25k, which is what I started with back in 1990.

                              I quit there after 8 years because I couldn't afford to stay their any longer. I got 4 zero percent raises during the 8 years I was there.

                              If you are dead set on being a copy pick any place but the NYPD.


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