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Rookie pranks!!!


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    One of our K9 handlers has a work Mal and a home Mal. He allways takes his home dog with him on patrol as well.
    So on a rare evening that all of us were able to eat together we suddenly hear someone yelling DOG LOOSE allmost at the same instance a Mal comes charging into the break room. So everyone jumped, screamed and within 2 seconds there were cops standing on tables, hanging from the ceiling, jumping thru windows etc untill we hear somebody laughing insanely in the hallway.
    It was the super friendly house Mal that had come running in.

    Also writing "right handed" on all the latex glove boxes and sending a rookie to go get a pair, reminding him to get a left and right handed one. They actually fall for it.

    We drive patrol in pairs over here. One day we decided to get even with two collegues. While they were at a call we rushed up and tied a string of cans to their car and put a magnetic "JUST MARRIED" plate on the trunk of their car.
    They actually came in for dinner and still hadn


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      Lol this thread needs to be bumped,it's too funny.


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        Arrested, Process, Interviewed a UC

        I agree that you have to dish it out and take it. Gotta laught and have thick skin.

        Several years ago, I arrested, processed, and interviewed a Meth Dealer that was surrendering himself on meth charges. After booking, processing, and interviewing him, the joke was on me. He was FED that does a lot of undercover work and had the gift of telling stories. That was well done.

        I have been pulled over several times in my UC car and been shaken down at the hand of other agents.

        I had ficticious informants call me and claim to have leads on dope and bank robberies.

        Suggestion for my fellow Rookies, never keep photos on your desk that you appear in. You never know when your face will appear on a Most Wanted Flyer or a marriage announcement.

        Good times.


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          I once bought crickets from a pet store (lizard food) abd let them go in the Sgt's car. As you know, crickets are quite if there is sound and make noise when it's quite...Oh my God it about drove him crazy. You can get 100 crickets for less than $10.


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            Originally posted by sergeantbell
            This one really happend.

            Was working at a local PD as a first year rookie. We had an old timer there that everyone liked to mess with. My FTO told me that every night, he left our jurisdiction to go to a Denny's because he liked the waitress.

            Well one night, we (five officers on duty) all followed him to the Denny's in our POV's.
            We waited until he went in and got comfortable. The other guys....not me, of course, all went to his cruiser. As we had keys to the car it was no problem getting in. We turned all of the electronics up full, heater etc. Then the other guys, not me, of course, jacked his car up and took off all the wheels, placing the car neatly on cinder blocks that we had brought for this reason. We rolled the wheels around the side of the Denny's and waited. The dispatcher who was in on the gag, called him and dispatched him to an alarm drop. He was in such a hurry getting to the car that he didn't realize he had no wheels. I almost wet myself as he turned the car on, put it into gear and reved the engine while the windshield wipers, radio and heater all came on. As far as I know, he has no idea who got him to this day. He never left the town again in the middle of the night.
            That wasn't nice, what did Bodie do to you?
            In god we trust, the rest we run through NCIC


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              Wasn't Bodie.....but sounds like you know him well....ROFLMAO!
              "You provide the beer, I'll provide the chaser!"


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                This happened to me when I first went on the road as a Road Deputy. I had just brought an arrest to the jail to be processed and went to use the head in the booking area. I did not hear the other Road Deputy come up to the door and lock it (being a jail area the doors lock from the outside, using a key.), needless to say my C phone had no signal and I had to use my radio to contact dispatch. Dispatch asked where I was at and I advised them I was in the booking area and asked for the other Road Deputy to respond to my location. Dispatch answered by saying they were viewing the camera in the booking area and could not see me. I had to tell them I was locked in the head before they would send anyone to help me. This was the first of a long line of pranks, I can't wait to loss the FNG ranking!!!


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                  Whenever we get a new dispatcher here one of the road guys will get his plate number off of the car and go out some place and do a "traffic stop" on that vehicle...the other dispatchers are clued in so they know enough not to answer the radio for that stop....its FUNNY to see the reactions of the dispatcher.
                  Thanks Fairchild 440


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                    I like to go to the car wash with a rookie. when we get in and it starts I usually roll his window down about 1/2 way!!


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