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Rookie looking for Guidence


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  • Rookie looking for Guidence

    Hey guys, I graduated from the Police Academy about a year ago. I got the Hope Grant to pay my way and I was labeled as Pre-Service. But thats not the Real Reason I am posting and looking for Guidence.

    I have been thru quite a few Job Processes and seem to always Choke on the Oral Interview. I past the Last Written Exam with a 91. So my Written part is fine its just I get nervous alittle when Im sitten in front of these guys and there picking my brain. But when im at work(work security at mall) dealing with the Public Im always conversating with the Public that I dont even know. I guess its cause im on my Turf and when Im sitten in front of them Im not comfortable and on there turf. Any advice guys. Thanks

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    Think back to all of your past oral boards and write down the questions that were asked of you. Now prepare written answers to all of those questions. In general, most employers ask similar oral board questions. There are books, both on-line, and in written form of how to prepare for these boards. They include sample questions, sample answers, things to avoid, etc.

    Google search "police exam" and see what you find. Most of the stuff is around $30, but well worth it in the grand scheme of things.

    Good luck.


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      Good advice z28.

      Just a small in addition too: Remember, when your doing your interview, take a second and think of what your going to answer before you start blurting it out. If you make a decision, stick to it. The interviewers don't expect you to have all the answers. They are looking for your decision making skills and confidence in what you have decided. Good Luck.

      PS: Don't shoot the jaywalker.


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        As stated above, use the questions from previous boards. Then have a friend ask you the questions. It might help. Good luck to you.
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          Originally posted by CarCop

          PS: Don't shoot the jaywalker.


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            Relax a little

            I've sat on these boards, and have been in front of them too. Believe me, there is usually not just one right answer. They are looking for reasonable, articulate people. Dont do or say anything extreme, use full sentences, and don't use any words the meaning of which you don't know. Don't try to impress them. Relax a little. They are looking for a new hire, not an old hand. You're not expected to be an expert on anything, just an intelligent, reasonable person.

            If all that fails, use the old trick and imagine them in thier underwear.

            Good luck.
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              I have been through a few review boards, here is some basic advice that helped me:

              Make eye contact with the officer asking the questions and when your answering, dont look around the room.

              Dont use your hands alot when explaining your answers, keep them on your knees and sit straight up

              Ofcourse always Yes Sir, No Sir

              Its alright to think about your answers and wait a few seconds before answering questions, dont just blurt something out just for a quick response

              Dont change your answers to any scenario questions. This happens when the review board tries to get you to second guess yourself and contradict what you already said.
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                Try not to use words like "conversating" when you're in an interview.
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