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Ride-along etiquette


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  • Ride-along etiquette

    When riding along as an officer with a department other than your own, do you carry your gun concealed or open w/your badge next to it?

    Besides writing nice thank-you's, what else is important?

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    It depends on what capacity you are in. If you are simply riding along to see how another department is then it's up to the host department's policy. I have had to go unarmed on a couple because the host department does not allow ride a longs with weapons. (their house, their rules )

    If you are in a law enforcement capacity and on some special detail and riding with a different department then, uniform of the day will dictate. Myself if I am "working" and in plain clothes, my weapon is out with badge. In court it is concealed if I am in civilian attire.


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      I agree, ask first. When you are about to drive off is not the time to tell the officer about being armed, and then be told you should not be.

      I would think that if you are off duty. Meaning your not working for your department, and not told to do this by your department. Doesn't your department have a policy that your weapon should be concealed while off duty?

      I think I see what you are thinking. No doubt you would jump in to help your fellow officer. Just remember you don't have your duty belt. Are you going to go into foot pursuit by yourself? If you carry, I would conceal it. no reason for anyone to know who you are if your not acting in that capacity.


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