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Loading the duty belt properly


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  • Loading the duty belt properly

    Hi all.
    I am a British Probationer Constable ("Rookie"). Still in training school.

    I have just received a huge bag of weird crap, among them, a duty belt and items like Monadnock 26" collapsible Baton, rigid 360 degree holder, pep spray holder, Hyatt fixed cuffs+holder and a small velcro flapped "wallet" which carries gloves and a Health and Safety breathing assist kit.

    I would like to load the belt properly as it doesnt seem like we will be shown exactly how to. can you guys give me an idea of how to set-off? I know it is an individual preference, but it will help if I start off on a roll from your experience and modify things as I go along.

    I am left handed, in striking and writing, ambidexterous in cuffing, I am also aware that the RH grip strength is distinctly better than the left hand. Although we do not carry firearms, I shoot with my right (right eye dominant), but the pep spray feels better in the left.

    I was practicing the loading, and seem to have both the cuffs and baton on my RHS. The Baton is set to cross-draw with my left hand (holder adjusted to be in-line with belt, almost) and the Cuffs are placed just behind the holder, about 5" upstream. The H&S wallet is on my LHS, above the the left butt. The pepper spray is about in line with my LH pants seam.

    Warmest Regards

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    Welcome to the show
    "I have just received a huge bag of weird crap, among them, a duty belt and items like Monadnock 26" collapsible Baton, rigid 360 degree holder, pep spray holder, Hyatt fixed cuffs+holder and a small velcro flapped "wallet" which carries gloves and a Health and Safety breathing assist kit."

    My belt is laid out thus:
    From R to L:Belt keeper,C/S with restraint strap,Hiatt cuffs in a Niton rigid pouch(not too fond of it,v hard to draw quickly)radio pouch,mini maglite in pouch, x 2 belt keepers at rear to keep belt over trousers belt.
    Then baton ring for level two stick,first aid pouch with lots of latex gloves,21"asp with rigid asp holder,then a belt keeper.Then over the buckle a velcro belt cover to prevent the belt being unlocked.

    As long as you remember the kit should be where you can draw it automatically.CS from your strong side,your asp from cross draw so you can extend it as you draw it in one motion.Be familar with your kit,it could save your life.

    Now get the brews in probbie
    "Well, I never had an invisible friend when I was young, but I'm sure that if I did, it would be Constable Smiley."


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      Bottom line: Whatever is comfortable for you. I mean, obviously your firearm should go on the strong side, but other than that set it up so that you're as comfortable as you can be while wearing it.

      Mine from right to left is : pager, CS, belt keeper, firearm holster, flashlight ring, belt keepers spaced on either side of the back, handcuff case, radio holder, belt keeper, taser, cell phone, double mag pouch.


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        I'm a rookie too... 6 mos on the road with one agency, and 3 days with my new agency... the advice I can give is this: Try EVERYTHING with your FULL uniform and any and all layers you'll be wearing. And practice.

        I qualified with my baton, practiced.. and decided it was best on my support side for cross draw. Then got on duty with my VEST on, and found out because of the mag case I cannot reach to cross draw with the vest on. Glad I found that out before I NEEDED it.

        I like OC front-strong side. Primary cuffs, same. Secondary cuffs, weak side just behind my hip, but not so far that it's at my back. (on a strap) I have a double glove case with 1 pr gloves and 1 cpr mask at the small of my back since it is flat and not a 'hard' object.

        Personally, I seem to have run out of room, and I still need to get a backup flashlight and an OC case on there...


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          Much obliged for the info. I am glad to say that my pattern is remarkably similar to the seasoned officer's choices.

          My Riot/Mass UDT training starts tomorrow - wish me luck, I will will be in here if I survive.

          BTW, thanks for the comprehensive advice (rules?) under the thread starting "unwritten rules for Rookies". I have printed em out and stuck em up on the wall. It defnitely should be turned into a "sticky" and it applies globally - not just to the US.



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            Udhi, keep us updated how it goes! I feel a certain kinship, as we've started near the same time. (my 6mo commission ended more than a year ago, so I feel quite new all over again!)

            RIOT training... oh my! I have the UTMOST respect for you folks who don't carry sidearms. Good luck and keep us posted!

            (p.s. agree completely about the 'unwritten rules', it's a GREAT read for anyone getting ready to hit the road!)


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              TY Goober,
              hope to hear about your exploits too! From what I have heard from senior (service not rank) cops, most of them seem to be happier not carrying sidearms. one or two suggested that it might be a step towards an arms race between law and outlaw, most of the rest refer to extended paperwork etc.

              Just for the knowledgebase, this thread is closely associated to thread http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31217 I should have read around before posting (missed the situational awareness module, methinks )

              Warmest Regards


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                Always put lethal force on strong side and non lethal force on the weak side.
                This is in case you have your gun out and need to transition to a lower lever of force or go from pepper to guns. You would lose valuable seconds putting a gun away to get your pepper out or vise versa.

                The rest of the stuff doesn't really matter just preference but the cuffs should be in front so you are not reaching around your back and opening up your stance to get blasted by the bad guy.
                Anyone who believes "the customer is always right" has never been a police officer.


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                  Also, try to keep from putting anything at the very back of your belt. You ride around for very long with an Asp up your but and it gets uncomfortable.


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                    Also try to put everything up front or on the side and leave your back clear or else you might have so back problems in a few years. Since u seat a lot in a car and object in back has caused a lot of work injury to officcers in our service.


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                      If your agency does not have a set of guidelines on what should go where, experiment while you are still in the academy until you find what feels right to you. When you have it all just right, stick with it and don't let any of your friends talk you into moving anything. You need everything just right for you, not them. Good luck!


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                        hay Udhi, how'zit going??

                        A few weeks into this and I'm still fiddling and deciding...

                        Baton has gone to strong side front, and I think is going to return to weak side when I get my new scabbard for it.

                        Still waiting on an OC case, so not carrying it. I liked it strong side front.

                        For as many people I've met/trained with, there are as many arguments for strong and weak side for every tool. Sigh. Just when I think I like one argument, another refutes it... case in point: Bad guy gets you down on the ground. You roll onto your gunside to protect it. If your baton is there too--you are protecting both. If your baton is weak side, it's exposed and BG can get it and beat you with it. I liked that argument alot, until my boss refuted it with: yeah, but I'd rather be beat with my baton... and besides, if BG comes at me with my baton, I'm justified with using my gun...


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                          Duty belt

                          Pepper spray to the support side. I found the gloves OK and comfotable to waer at the rear. Cuffs on your Dominant side. Buy a leatherman which you will find invaluable, I lost count of the people who laughed when I first had it and the number of people who bought one when they saw how often you can use it. I had my radio left side.
                          I've got major problems now because I've emigrated and joined a Canadian force. I have to find space for a Glock 22, magazines and a taser. Good job my waist is big enough. LOL
                          Good luck in the Met I was North Yorks.
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                            im r/h fron r to l, mag case (horizontal,opening forward,holster on strong side). weakl side has :c/s, radio,baton,small surefire flashlight holder, cuff case(in ft)..I like to keep it simple w/o all the other crap..
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                              radio-mag pouch-open top cuff case- BUCKLE-keys-oc spray-weapon-asp
                              In the small of the back - latex glove pouch. Keepers between radio and mag pouch and oc and weapon. Asp behind weapon far enough not to interfere with draw. Mag pouch horizontal(opening toward radio) mags in pouch rounds pointed downward so when you dump a magazine and extract a fresh one, all you have to do is insert it without having to look to make sure it's going in correctly. Having the magazine pouch horizontal is easier when shooting from the prone position. It eliminates having to roll up completely on your side to get at a fresh magazine, thereby saving time, and maybe your a**.


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