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What questions to ask during a consensual encounter pedestrian stop.


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  • What questions to ask during a consensual encounter pedestrian stop.

    So my FTO wants me to ask more questions while on a consensual encounter with a probably parole or gang member. He says I'm too robotic and routine.

    So far I had a routine..

    Hey, you live around here..
    Do you mind if I talk to you?
    You have Id on u? Do you mind if I see it?
    Are you on probation or parole?
    You have any weapons on you or anything that can hurt me?
    Do you mind if i search you?
    (Search them)
    (Run wanted on person)
    If nothing tell them have a nice day.

    He says I'm too robotic and I need to pick up the lingo in talking to these types of people in the community. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Maybe it is not so much the questions themselves, but your delivery? Perhaps you should loosen up a bit? You can "shoot the ****" with a parolee/gang banger and still maintain good officer safety & do your job at the same time. Act natural & be yourself , b/c if your FTO is noticing your awkwardness, so are the bad guys.
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      Didn't your FTO suggest anything? I'm also wondering if it is a delivery problem. Are you running down a grocery list of questions in order and checking them off? Personally, I would not use as much passive language such as "Do you mind?" I'm more inclinded to say "let's talk for a minute" or "I'd like to speak with you for a moment."
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        I work in a very high crime area, and no one carries ID with them (maybe at most 25%). I ask my questions in a very specific order, to find out who they are and if they're lying to me.

        1. When was the last time you were "locked up" (so they will be in our depts database)
        2. How old are you.
        3. Last Name, then address, then a specific number our dept. issues arrested individuals (like an FBI# kind of, these individuals know this number better than their SSN or phone number) or I'll for their SSN. I then ask for their first name and DOB.

        Now, at this point if they are gonna lie about who they are, chances are they're wanted. At this point they've told me they've been arrested, but we have zero record of them. They would've also lied about their age and 95% of the time give an age and DOB not matching up. At this point I call them out and the "name game" starts. I'll ask if they're wanted and half the time they're honest. The other half, they go to get finger printed and then the warrant magically appears.

        Oh and also, most times the names, SSN's, and DOB's they give are so close NCIC still gets a "hit". Also, learn the "lingo" of your area.
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          Yeah, it sounds like the questions aren't the problem. But I'll add a couple more:

          1) Where ya headed?/Where ya going?
          2) Make up a BS reason to talk to them: "Hey man, we got a call that there was a fight out here. You see anyone fighting?" Or "Hey, I'm looking for a guy.. (then make up a description)." Pretend that you're asking for their info sort of as a witness.. "You mind if I get your name and DOB, so I can say that I talked to you?"

          But it sounds like your FTO is just pointing out that you're a little stiff. Not a big deal. That's usually the case for a rookie. Hopefully it wears off with a little time. It's probably nothing that's gonna keep you from getting cut loose. Some officers have the gift of gab from day one, and some still suck at talking to people til the day they retire.


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            One of the biggest hurdles new cops face is being able to talk with folks. Not to, at or down but with.

            Frequently you will see a new officer seize up when encountering someone from outside their natural sphere of interaction. Only dedication and drive will break this.

            • You need to get out and talk with as many people as you can.

            • Learn the lingo but don’t try to emulate it.

            • Recognize mannerisms and those little nuances.

            • Be friendly but not overly familiar.

            • You’re the police and they know it.

            And understand that there is no script for talking with folks, more so when trying to leverage consent and cooperation. The dialogue will come out as the circumstances ebb and flow.

            Lastly, your mouth will get you into and out of more problems than anything else. Use it wisely- sparingly.
            Originally posted by SSD
            It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
            Originally posted by Iowa #1603
            And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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              Reading it,it sounds like your asking it like you would running down a booking sheet.


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                "Hey, you packin' heat or holdin' dope?"

                Seriously, take the advice of my colleagues! In time you will build a "routine" that works for you, without sounding like Robocop.
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                  Jesus, I hope you don't ask like that in that order on a consensual stop!

                  I would most certainly not talk to you if that's how you approached me.

                  Just talk to them like you aren't a cop! towards the end you can say "hey my sgt gets on my *** about not putting these into CAD (don't say into computer like it's logged) what's your name so I can just write it in my notes, so it looks like I did something.

                  be non chalant and just talk to them like you're conversing with them normal. Do alot of talking and story telling on your side too. ppl don't like others who only ask questions. they want to conversate. not answer questions.


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                    I thought this had something to do with consensual sex. This is lame.


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                      You have to be able to adapt to what's on your plate. What and how you ask a parolee doper vs. a parolee gangster could be totally different.
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                        On the other hand; don't over do it with using street jive. The street wise will sniff out a phony very easily and you will just embarrass yourself.


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                          Also, please don't be that guy who amps people up unnecessarily. When it comes time to handle business, actions speak louder than words. The fewer words, the better. I can't stand it when officers get into tit-for-tat exchanges of words. It just p1sses off the suspect and doesn't accomplish anything. I like to pretend to be someone's friend right up until seconds before I flip the switch to ask/tell/make.


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                            Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
                            You have to be able to adapt to what's on your plate. What and how you ask a parolee doper vs. a parolee gangster could be totally different.
                            Yup, depends on your clientele. Black gangster, Hispanic gangster, tweeker, crack-head, they all have their own lingo.


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                              Here is a short training video OP

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                              There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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