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Videos of your patrol area?


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  • Videos of your patrol area?

    Was just playing around on youtube and found ALOT of videos of the projects I patrol. Was curious if anyone else had any to share? Below are links to the videos only a few minutes each with some terrible rap music. The second link is a self-proclaimed rapper from the projects.

    Wasn't sure if these types of videos were a thing for my area or they're popular everywhere, so if you have them I'd love to see where you guys work!
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    I don't work for Chattanooga, but a smaller dept nearby.


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      Just Youtube search anything "Englewood" or Saints 45-Wood. About says it all.


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        I have seen videos of the rappers and I have seen videos of myself on youtube...Its always good for a chuckle either way
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          I've seen some videos from the city I work in and they all seem to have a common theme. A sausage fest of ****** trying to act hard in their moms basement in front of a ****ty camera.


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            I don't have vids, but to familirize, I've looked google maps street view.

            also a zoning map helps alot, they really simplify things and have glossary of the streets in the back to relate to a page.


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              The above, lead the community to come out and "mourn" the "loss" of the pillar of the community who committed a gun point robbery of a pharmacy to take cash and drugs. He pointed a firearm at an infant inside the pharmacy and exchanged fire with the officers on his way out. This lead to a week of drinking, yelling, smoking weed and "mourning" in the streets to protest his wrongful death.



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                ^ Those thick NY accents are killin me!
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                  F-L-A style....tbh, this isn't the homies reppin specific parts of the hood.


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                    I know this thread is almost a year old. I just thought it would be fun to bring back to life.

                    Here's several decent videos from a couple of the areas I work/have worked in my city. Funny thing is... Gangs in my town aren't nearly as active nor are there nearly as many homicides around here as these guys imply in their music.


                    I never knew there was actually some decent music coming out of my town, (I only listen to rap music). BTW, I have run into, even arrested, a few of these guys in the streets. Kind of funny when I think about it. They didn't seem nearly as "hard" in person.
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                      LOL @ Silverdale in the beginning!! I too work nearby Chattanooga and get some of the customers in the video.
                      Originally posted by jwaters80 View Post
                      I don't work for Chattanooga, but a smaller dept nearby.



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                        Originally posted by crass cop
                        Just do it in front of a camera and try not to get a boner and you shoudl be fine.


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                          There used to be a few on Youtube... "Havre de Grace or Havre de Grace Police"
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