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  • Is it normal...

    Been on the job 10 months and I still get the "adrenaline dump" when I do a traffic stop, and have to question a suspect, etc. I dont know if that is just me but I cant control it. Maybe its a rookie thing and I treat every situation like its going to turn out badly, or everyone is going to "try" something on me therefore my body turns on the juice to be on the safe side? i dont know. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    The longer you are on the job, the more comfortable you will become with doing the job. Do not become COMPLACENT and let your guard down. Sounds to me like you are doing a good job so far and keep it up. It is better to be prepared then RELAXED.
    " The Beatings will continue until Morale Improves "


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      Just don't stay in "Code Red" too much. If so, you need to relax (which does NOT mean become complacent), but being keyed-up all the time will land you in "Code Black" which is described as basically burnt and useless until you've had downtime to relax.



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        I still get it man. I've been on a little over a year. If I have a car that doesn't stop right away I usually get that dump. I just start thinking, what could they be up to.

        Make sure you're getting good sleep. Being keyed up for 8, 10, or 12 hours will wear you down. Just make sure if you're outside of a secured part of the station you're in condition yellow, at minimum. As I'm sure you've seen if you watch the news, even the station isn't safe.

        Absolutely never get complacent. If you respond to burglar alarms and 99.9% of them are false. Treat them all as if they're that 0.1% when something bad will go down. It's tough, especially if you have the older guys who are complacent and give you crap for being an FNG. Just remember at the end of the day you are responsible for getting yourself home safely.

        Stay safe out there man. Keep doing the good work.


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          I always tell my rookies to relax and take a breathe. I've seen guys get such bad tunnel vision them miss tons of stuff, dope or people lying to them. Ex- you in a car looking for dope becasue of consent or whatever always open your eyes to other stuff.

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            Being alert will get you home.
            Being complacent will get you killed.
            Being lazy will get you promoted.

            Rule #1 of this job: Don't bring it home with you.


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              Don't worry, like others have stated it is a good thing as long as you can settle down after the stop. After time, and more stops, you will learn how to be on high alert while still being able to communicate and think in a calm manner.


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                I have been on for a little over a year and a half myself. I get the adrenaline pump as well. Like some of the older guys say take a deep breath and control it. The adrenaline is a good thing. It keeps you safe and alert...it doesn't allow you to become complacent. However, like the veterans also say if you let it happen uncontrolled, then it becomes unhealthy and it can also given you tunnel vision, inhibit your ability to think and communicate, and give you stress levels that can potentially be unhealthy and begin to burn you out. On the flip side alot of the veterans don't get the adrenaline pump anymore. I have seen some smoke cigarettes at traffic stops and act as if the situation can't go wrong because more times than not it doesn't go wrong. I can say from experience that a potential life-ending experience can truly happen out of nothing and it happens when you least expect it and when it happens it happens FAST. So, from my brief time on the force I can say that I love the adrenaline pump. It lets me know I'm alive, keeps the job exciting, and reminds me that the job is dangerous at any moment. I plan on always having an adrenaline pump...I just plan on perfecting the control of the pump by the time I retire. Stay SAFE!


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                  That "bump" is good. It will keep you alive.
                  The tunnel vision and all will go away with time and experience, but you want a little adrenal function going on.
                  I don't make nearly as many stops in my investigator job area, but when I do, I still get a little adrenaline dump... and enjoy it!!!

                  Keep up the good work!
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