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Campus Police - Time scale for new positions?


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  • Campus Police - Time scale for new positions?

    How long does it take colleges to create new Officer positions?
    I know with cities, you have to have a vacancy, get town council approval, post it publicly, etc. Does anyone know the process for colleges and campus police officers?

    I'm asking because I was offered a spot when ones created. The paperwork for starting the position was started three months ago, and so far there hasn't been any update on the position.

    Eager to apply....My current pay rate...$10.03/Hr. certified....is starting to wear thin on my bills and credit score

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    There is no timeline when it comes to politics.


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      In general alot will depend on funding..for many colleges the fiscal years start in July just like any other goverment budget..also alot of schools look at their campus police as a nessesary evil and if the school needs the money somewhere else then the campus police be damned..they'll take it and that position gets put on the backburner. Or it could be it has to work it's way from HR up the ladder to whoever has final say..keeping in mind that person has a bunch of things on their desk that also need attention..
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        One never knows -----------------------you hire when you get the final approval from HR.

        Besides that type of activity is very agency specific
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