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    Hey everyone! Thanks for the help on this matter...

    I am currently in FTO and have a community project that I need to complete. I was told to use EVERY resource that I can find to do this project and am basically left to figure out how on my own. I figured what better resource than here...Below is the situation and I will have to go into a local Casino and talk to the bartenders/managers/employees to get information to present this. I was planning on going in and just telling them that I am a new officer and getting to know the people in my district and then asking for thier advice on this hypothetical...

    Please, do you all have any ideas? Any questions that I need to ask? Thanks again!

    INSTRUCTIONS: The student-deputy shall review the scenario below. Based on the scenario given the student-deputy shall develop 2 or more solutions to the presented problem. The student deputy shall use governmental and non-governmental resources available to him or her to determine a solution. The student-deputy shall also consult their references and NOT simply list them. It is expected that the student-deputy develop solutions that treat more than the effects of a problem. Simply using more patrol units is NOT an acceptable solution. The student-deputy, in consultation with the Field Training Officer (FTO), determines the best method to present solutions to this problem. These may include a verbal report, a written report, a formal presentation, and demonstrations incorporating examples from your patrol work with your Field Training Officer (FTO), or other methods that best suit your abilities.

    Problem Bar

    You noticed in the previous 4 months that there have been numerous calls to the Bad Bar, during the night shift. You have personally responded to some of these calls. You conducted some research and find that most of the calls are come during the weekends. From your research you also found that there are other more serious calls besides the noise complaints that you’ve responded too. The problems associated with the bar do not seem to be decreasing.

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    You can do a multi-prong approach....

    Utilizing assistance from the state liquor authority, fire marshal's office, building department you draw a plan to complete licensed premise checks.

    The SLA with assist in making sure all licensed premise permits are in order. In our state, they also check the actual alcohol to see if it's old or has fruit flies...

    The fire marshals will check compliance with fire code, exits, max. allowable patrons, illegal storage of combustables, if there is a kitchen on premise, they'll check the fire suppression system, fire alarms etc etc....

    I should say to start off, you can due a few "project 21" operations to check for underage drinking/serving....

    The building dept. will check for compliance with the building code and/or cabaret permits if bands are allowed to play and such...

    When we due these bar checks of problem locations, first we send in some undercovers to observe for possible illegal activity...narco mostly.

    We'll also do project 21 utilizing older looking police explorers utilizing bogus ID's that we provide.

    Then we do the actual licensed premise check. When we enter, we have the house lights turned on, music off and plenty of uniformed assistance present. Politely explain the reason, ask to see the manager, and all permits. The FM/SLA do their thing and our undercovers are watching for people dumping narco or weapons....

    This is all in conjunction with frequent lot checks and increased VTL/DUI patrols in the immediate vicinity before and after the visits....

    This is all I've got bro...it usually works...we make a few narco arrests leading up to the target date...we have DUI enforcement make a few arrests leading up to the big day....maybe even the underage drinking thing too. The night of the check, usually the SLA and FM's find enough multiple violations, most times it's enough for them to pull permits or close them down long enough to make it not worth their effort to re-open.

    Good luck on your project.
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      I start subtle. I do more and more bar checks, as mentioned above, checking licenses' and cleanliness. I'd talk to the owner and the bar tenders because they dont always seem to be on the same page with each other. Let them know there is a problem and everytime you've been there and have to come out for a problem, it will be documented and sent to the liquor license board. Out here if a bar is having serious problems as described in the scenario, they can have their license pulled. If that doesn't work, you do a full scale invasion like what was mentioned above. The best thing either way is to make your presence known. Good luck.


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