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  • Organizational Skills and Tips...

    As a soon to be new officer, I was wondering if any of the veteran officers could offer some pointers as to the way you organize yourself for each day.

    Mainly, I am concerned with what you bring in your scout car. How do you organize what you bring each day and what you put in the car? I.E. arrest forms, various documents, filing systems?

    Do you have have any type of filing system for the home? Do you make copies of everything you do during the day, etc...

    Thank you for the help!
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    Get yourself a patrol bag, grab at least 20 copies of everyform your dept has, label them put them in a folder in your patrol bag..... Grab a lot of Infractions, Summons, Warnings and town ords books. Keep a copy of the MV code and Penal code. and your good to go. Grab your bag every day throw in in the passenger seat and your off


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      One of the best things I ever did for myself as far as organizing documents was buy an accordion folder that you can customize each tab and alligator clip everything together so nothing shuffles around. Also everyone is different you have to find what works for you and that will come in time. I take away good things from other people and identify the bad things I do not want to do.


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        Just don't forget your gun. Well, kind of kidding. I know officers who have literally forgot their handgun at home. Pretty embarassing when you get out on a call with an empty holster. In all reality CTRy hit it on the head. Make sure you have plenty of forms. I would check with some other officers from your department to see exactly which forms they have.


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          Check list: Testicles, spectacles, watch, wallet and keys.


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            Making sure your gun is LOADED, is probably a good idea. I check every new officers gun before they get into a car with me, make sure there is one in the chamber. I have found some who were not chambered, other with magazines missing 1-2 rounds, etc.

            I like Index cards, with them in your pocket you have a quick way to take notes, and stick them in you case jackets.

            Patrol bag is great idea. has extra pen holders, a large SHARPIE or other permenant marker is good for writing on evidence bags, both plastic and paper....

            He's a list:

            Writing materials:
            Extra Pens, including a SHARPIE.
            note pads
            tickets, warnings, repair orders
            Map of your county and surrounding area.
            small index cards can be carried in pocket
            a couple of 10 print fingerprint cards so you can print a victim, suspect if they are in the ER.

            Evidence collection:
            Several sizes of plastic and paper baggies.
            Small sharps containers
            roll of crime scene tape.

            Prisoner control:

            leg irons or leg straps to secure kicking prisoners
            flex cuffs
            spit masks
            extra cuff keys.

            small first aid kit (or several trauma dressings) you can tuck one into your trauma plate, so it is always with you.)
            several pairs of medical gloves,
            waterless antibacterial hand cleaner
            1 roll paper towels, and/or baby wipes,

            Tools: Small set of basic tools, I carry a screwdriver set, socket set, vise grips, allen keys, etc. I find them great for removing tags from unregistered/stolen/uninsured vehicles, which I do a lot of.
            a sharp quality knife, utility + defensive.

            Our General Orders come in a small binder that you can put into your bag, good to study from on a rainy night.

            I know there is more, ut right now it escapes me, I'll post it when I remember.

            SAFETY: Traffic glow vest

            If you are working steady nights, i would have at least 2 good large flashlights and a small tac light on your weapon and one on your belt.


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              When you first start, ask each FTO you have what they do to keep organized. Try each method, and eventually you'll find one you'll like, and modify it to fit your specific needs.


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                2971511 mentioned tools. Sounds silly, but these are a must. I regularly use my multi-tool. Not just for tags, either. I can't even tell you how many times I've used it to pull vents to get dope, floor boards, etc. I never would've thought about tools when I was a new officer until I needed them and didn't have them. Also, hand sanatizer is a must!!


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