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Unwritten Rules Rookies should know....


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  • Does anyone have this in a document? I know someone did in a much earlier post but that link does not work anymore.


    • What I try to teach probational officers, especially those who graduate field training and do not have prior LE experience is this -

      1) Officer safety is more important today than ever before. From dealing with an armed disturbance to sitting in your car typing reports, stay vigilant and dynamic. First comes your own safety, safety of your fellow officers, and lastly the safety of others.

      2) Slow down. The only time you have to make split second decisions is use of force incidents, vehicle pursuits, and medical emergencies Any other time, time is on YOUR side and if it's not, take control of the incident and slow it down.

      3) Do not become hasty with your investigations. Everything from a "routine" traffic stop to a child sex abuse investigation, treat it as if it's the most important investigation you'll ever complete.....because it just may be.

      4) Seek additional training. You're sadly mistaken if your training ends at FTO. Train in firearm, de-escalation tactics, dealing with the mentally ill, active shooter, interview & interrogation skills, report writing, etc. It'll make you more confident while handling calls for service and pay off in the long run.


      • Don't write cops or cop families.


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          I don't disagree in some senses, but why should we hold cops and their families above the law? If anything we should hold them to be more accountable when they are observed blatantly breaking the law.

      • Listen, Listen, and Listen to your FTO.
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        • Something I learned the hard way yesterday...

          Don't cross a median on the interstate unless your FTO has taken you through there first
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          • Rookies should never, EVER go to the bathroom without your flashlight, even inside the police station. Someone like me will come along, see your feet under the stall door, and turn the lights off when I leave.

            Also, never ever leave a computer terminal logged on out of your sight, or you'll come in the next day to explain to the Captain why you were sending romantic emails to the Chief.

            And when you inspect your patrol car before every shift, make sure you do a good job. You don't want to be the subject of any citizens complaints, for driving around all day in a marked patrol vehicle sporting a bumper sticker that says "I'm not gay, but my butthole is".

            Shenanigans can be a great learning tool.


            • Time to bump this thread.

              Make them tell you no.
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