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how do I improve my verbal judo skill?


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  • how do I improve my verbal judo skill?

    is there a book or training manual for this?

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    I am a little guy, I am also the comedian of the squad. I do my best to make people laugh/giggle thier way into cuffs. Gerbil Voodoo is a tool. Relax, conversate and have a good time. Most of you "bad" guys will work better with you if you are relaxed. This doesn't mean let your guard down, simply let them think you are there to "help" them. It goes a long way.


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      Yah work in Corrections and then you will learn how to master the skill.


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        Originally posted by jb5722
        i'm not too familiar with verbal judo, but personally i use the ask, tell, make technique. first you ask them, then you tell them, then you make them, i've never had a problem with that technique that a taser couldn't solve. personally i dont agree with buttering some scum bag up just to avoid having to go hands on to get them in custody (i'm not saying you need to be excessive with people, but i dont agree with those officers that would rather sit there and talk to a person for 40 minutes to get the cuffs on them rather than going hands on). i'm not saying that is what you mean by verbal judo, i mean it as a completely unrelated comment (before you all start calling me rambo and tackleberry or whatever else).

        btw spending 5 seconds typing "verbal judo" into google I came up with this:

        I used to feel the same way about "buttering up" a scum bag. After spending some time working dope and trying to flip some of these scum bags, you have to talk to them. While it may seem like you are buttering them up, you are doing it to accomplish something more. As a younger officer, I didn't think much about what happened after the arrest, booking transport etc. Now after the arrest I try to see what else I can get out of the guy. I see this as the time where some good Police work happens. My old boss from dope really stressed how much our job is about the flip. Talking is fine and I try that first, but if it is gonna be hands on, thats fine with me too.


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          I'm really not being a smart ***.

          Its called Verbal Judo by George Thompson you can get it at amazon for $11.16. The authour is a Ph.D English professor who used to be a cop. I read it several years ago, its got some good stuff in it, but is not a be all end all.


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