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Academy running - BIG TIME help needed!


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  • Academy running - BIG TIME help needed!

    Hello all,

    I really need some advice here. I'm currently going through a tech college police academy in WI. Anyway, I've tried my best for the 1.5 month prior to getting in (didn't get notified until then) to get my butt in shape. I've been trying to run 1-2 miles on the treadmill, walk, and then run some more. Well, I thought I was in somewhat ok shape, however, after running around the block today, I was completely winded, and my shins are absolutely killing me. Here is my question.

    How the HECK am I going to survive the PT in the academy? We haven't started running yet, but I'm so incredibly worried about this. Do they start out at a decent pace? I can't imagine that I'm the ONLY person out of shape. I know that this is totally my own fault, but I need to know what to do from here on out. I really thought I was in ok shape, and obviously I'm not. If anyone could help me out with this, or give me some good ideas on what to do to help get through this, that would be great!

    Thanks much!

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    Just keep working hard. Most acadmey normally starts out with 1.5 miles then they start bumping it up. Dont worry, keep going hard at it and it will come. When you run with the class DONT QUIT, push yourself and the instructors will like that.


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      Go to a running show store and get your shoes professionally fitted. That will fix the shins. Then, run, run, run, and when you get done, run again. Whether you run 1 mile or 10 miles, if you are not winded when the running is done, you did not push hard enough. The act of running is not pleasant, anybody that says it is, is a liar. It is the self gratification of overcoming your personal doubts, pain, and goals, that makes running pleasant. The whole point is never quit. If that run was an escaped murderer beating the [email protected] out you, would you quit or fight past all the pain and fear, and survive? That is how you have to approach everything in the academy.


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        Im just going to be frank with you. Try doing more running outdoors. The treadmill is nice, but your in a controlled enviroment. You have the nice indoor setting at room temp. and your on a treadmill which you are able to control the incline and speed to your comfort zone.

        Going outside you have to face the elements, the polluted air, dry air, the heat, rain, etc. You will most likely be running outside when at the academy.

        My point is, the treadmill is nice, but try to do a little more outside. And always motivate yourself to just push a little more.


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          Yeah get outside and run, atleast your not in Florida with the temp in the 90s with 100% humidity.
          I enjoy life on the dirtroad


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            Go get some GOOD running shoes. Don't go cheap on them, you can't afford getting shin splints in the middle of the academy.
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              Running sucks. LOL

              I have never reached that "zone" people talk about. I don't like to run unless someone bigger is chasing me

              Best of luck to you, honey...it's just something you have to do. Don't give up. Someone once told me (it was in reference to child birth, but I used it in the academy)...it pain doesn't last forever.

              I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                I agree with all the above. Run outside and get a good pair of shoes. You might also try to get a good stretch in first and a better stretch in after your run. Your legs and body in general will appretiate it.
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                  Shin splints are caused by NOT landing properly on your feet while running, marching , or walking. A "proper" stride has the person landing on the heel, then rolling to the ball of the foot with the toe leaving the ground last. Every runner(and Soldier with marching) that I have seen with shin splints in 26 years of military service were landing hard on the balls of their feet and in some cases, literally slamming the balls of the foot into the ground. This drives the force up the front of the leg causing the issues. A proper run, walk, march has the heel landing first, then a nice roll to the ball of the foot. There is an incredible amount of force placed on the foot, particularly with Soldiers carrying a loaded ruck, ammo, etc, and the "rolling" of the foot dispenses the force across the foot.

                  Good advice from earlier poster on shoes. Make certain you go to a good fitter that can sell you the proper pair of running shoes and FIT you properly. Many runners wear shoes too small, or they are flat footed(pronated) and are in pain or worse: on their way to heel spurs(Believe me, you DO NOT want heel spurs, particularly in any job where you are on your feet)

                  Running is no different than becoming a better golfer, hitter in baseball, etc. You have to be engaged DOING it. There is a lot of science behind it but bottom line up front, you have to go do it. I have been running almost daily since 1977 and have found nothing works better for me to improve my times than competition and/or running with someone who is faster than I am. That will push you. I get in these "ruts" where I can't seem to go any faster and going back to running some recreational races, etc always seems to help me. If you want to get better at something, practice with people who are better at it than you(same thing goes for police work!)

                  Mix your running with a combination of sprinting and distance and then force yourself to do more of the one you like the least. For me, its sprinting. I hate it. However, I really love longer distances. I have to really force myself to do sprinting.

                  Good luck!


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                    Originally posted by PG's Finest View Post
                    Just keep working hard. Most acadmey normally starts out with 1.5 miles then they start bumping it up. Dont worry, keep going hard at it and it will come. When you run with the class DONT QUIT, push yourself and the instructors will like that.
                    Sorry, had to stifle my laugh there. In the early 90's in the NYPD academy, we ran around the gym. I think 27 laps was 1.5 miles (someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm close). We started the first week with like 3 or 4 laps and built up to the big 27 laps over about 2 months. It was pretty pathetic to be honest.

                    I agree with the others here, and would also suggest other ways to build stamina - play soccer, raquetball, something that makes you breath hard and sweat. The treadmill could be part of your shin splint problem, try going to a track and running just inside or outsid the track on the grass.

                    I am by no means a runner - unlike Smurfette I only run now after my kids and for "target oriented running" (I'm chasing someone). As far as Smurfette being chased by someone bigger, you keep confusing me - is that on-duty or off-duty?
                    "We're not in this business for the money. We're not in it for the excitement, and moments like this. Duty, honor, country, service, truth, and justice are good. But you can do that from behind a desk. In the end, you carry a gun and shield out into the field for the sole purpose of confronting the bad guys. The enemy. There is no other reason to be on the front lines." ~Nelson Demille

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                      The trendmill sucks! Don't get on it any more if your trying to build up your endurance/stamina for long distance running for the academy. Trust me on that. I made the mistake and was hitting the trendmill for about a month, every day. I was at the pace where I could go on @ 4.4mph for one hour straight and thought I was doing good.

                      Decided to run in the street and didn't last 5mins! I suck at long distance running. Just yesterday I decided to run and man I can only go 6 or 7 blocks before I have to slow it down. Run a lot before the academy. Your legs will become sore if your not use to it and thats going to suck bad in the academy.

                      All I can suggest is show that your putting 100% effort in PT. If you do good academic wise and decent in PT, they shouldn't fail you.


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                        Don't rely on the treadmill, run the streets, stadium stairs and the tracks. You may be a terrible runner solo, but when you run with the class, it is actually easier than running by yourself because you don't think about the pain, you just think about keeping up with everyone.


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                          First off, RELAX! You will drive yourself crazy like I did. I get HORRIBLE shin splints and spent over $400 on different types of shoes and $200 on different types of ankle supports/shin wraps/insoles.

                          Let me summarize some already great advice given:

                          1. STOP RUNNING ON THE TREADMILL!!! Get outside but DON'T over do it! There will be a big difference the first time you're outside vs. the treadmill so don't get discouraged.

                          2. Get the right shoes and what I like to call "cushy" socks (padded socks). Look into ankle supports as your running dynamics may require them (mine did)

                          3. I trained outside with an IPOD and knew exactly where I had to be on the track relative to how many songs had played already. Meaning by song 3 I needed to have completed 7 laps (std. high school track). It was a different and more 'fun' way of timing myself than just looking at a stopwatch.

                          4. Get your diet in order now if it already isn't. Drink pop, beer, etc.? GIVE IT UP! Stick to water and a healthy diet. Losing weight isn't the issue. Being properly hydrated and having the proper fuel in your system is.

                          5. Ice and STRETCH your shins after EVERY run!!!!! I cannot stress the stretching part enough.

                          6. RELAX! Running with your classmates will be easier than running by yourself. Just prepare as best as possible and you will do fine.


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                            its all mental. A HUGE help to me was some military cadence in my head or at a whisper while running. During my academy PT portion we did some military cadence while running in a group. I carried the simple "left, left, left right left." into my solo runs.

                            Its helps me to not slowly fizzle out. A cadence keeps you steady and gives you something to do. Im no pro, but it helped me in those times where you really are hurting and sick of running.
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