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Backup pistol or not?


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  • Backup pistol or not?

    My department allows a backup pistol if the Officer elects to have one but it is not mandatory? I wanted to get some experienced officers opinions on the backup pistol debate. If I do carry a backup I am thinking the new Ruger LCP 380 or a Keltec ( both carry 6 +1). Any thoughts?

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    good topic

    I have the same questions, but not really what to carry but the positives or negatives on a back up pistol.


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      The New York Reload, as some have called it is NEVER a bad idea. Much easier to conceal in the winter time, but not impossible in the summer time, if you have a major malfunction, or problem, or get disarmed by a bad guy, it can't hurt to have a BUG.

      I knew some NYPD officers who back in the day of 6 shooters were carrying 2 and even 3 BUGS.


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        There are no negatives. Both bugs you mentioned are so light and small, you will not know they are there. I would also look into the Kahr PM9. After hearing the account of an officer at my Dept being shot in the throat, while wrestling a gang member and not being able to get his primary weapon, I was sold. By the way he had a bug and was able to use it effectively.


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          I carry 2 BUGs, one 5 shot .38 special and a G27 which conveniently takes my big G22 magazines. Remember one is none, two is one.


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            I have a Kahr K9 www.kahrarms.com and I love it,, I'm thinking of upgrading to the P40 or PM40 .....they are great guns...... LOVE IT


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              It's better to have, than have not.


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                Like stated above. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

                I currently have a .38 S&W 442


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                  I have a G27 for my off duty weapon that I carry on my ankle, but it's too heavy to carry on duty in case I get into a foot pursuit.

                  I'm waiting to get a Ruger LCP 380 for my on duty backup, but might be a few years until I'm able to find one.


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                    I wear a G26 in an uncle mike's size four. I do not notice it at all while on shift. I also carry it off-duty in a variety of locations (none of which are on the ankle).
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                      i use a uncle mikes body armor holster with a GAP 39 Glock .45 6 round mag.
                      In god i trust everyone else gets run on NCIC


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                        S&w 442 .38 +p

                        When I was starting out, alot of people said "get a G27 (I carry a G22) because the mags are interchangeable." That is great advice unless you consider what the back up/hideout is for. If you are rollin' around on the ground with some huge parole just out from "The Q" and they are going for your gun, you can get to your back up, and do a contact shot...unless you have a semi-auto (G27/G22). With a revolver you can shove the barrel as far into the parole's gut as you can and pull the trigger 5 times, and you will get 5 bangs.

                        Just a bit of advice I got from one of my TO's.


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                          Yes. backup guns should be issued with your duty weapon. If it was up to me, they would be issued with your duty weapon.

                          When choosing your backup gun, DO NOT make the mistake of choosing something in a smaller caliber than your duty weapon.

                          They make fantastic, mid sized semi autos in 9mm, .40 and .45 these days.

                          If you want my opinion though, I would find something that was light weight so you will always carry it. Some guys will get tired of dragging one of their legs around with a Glock 26 hanging from it so they end up getting lazy and leaving it at home once in awhile.

                          A backup should be carried (at least on duty) ALL THE TIME.

                          So, let me reccomend something. First, I am not a S&W fan. Except for their revolvers.

                          Second, I am not a revolver fan so that kinda cancels out the second bit.

                          However, I fell in love with the S&W 360 PD. It's a Scandium/Titanium alloy 2" revolver chambered in .357 magnum.

                          It is so incredibly light that you will hardly notice it on your ankle.

                          The one big negative is that it's VERY expensive for a backup gun.

                          (Almost $700 retail I think.)

                          Also, you may not want to shoot it much with .357 rounds. Trust me on this!
                          I made that mistake and I was very sorry when the recoil literally tore the skin off the part of my hands between my thumb and forefinger. Both hands.
                          (This was after shooting our qualification course which was 100 rounds at the time. I think almost anybody could handle shooting five shots of .357 under stress when your life depended on it.)

                          But I load up with .38+P now.

                          You should consider the revolver also because in a fight on the ground where you might draw your backup gun, you will probably end up jamming it into the bad guy's ribs, guts, head or wherever and you will take your semi-auto out of battery.

                          Not good.

                          With the revolver, you could punch it THROUGH the guy and it will still shoot.

                          Something to consider.



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                            like i've always said, issue glock 22, backup glock 27 in a secret space, ruger .380 in another spot... at least carry 2 guns!

                            on top of that, two knives, always!

                            waiting for a paycheck to carry a hammerless featherweight revolver...

                            plus taser, spray, baton


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                              Originally posted by floridacop View Post
                              like i've always said, issue glock 22, backup glock 27 in a secret space, ruger .380 in another spot... at least carry 2 guns!

                              on top of that, two knives, always!

                              waiting for a paycheck to carry a hammerless featherweight revolver...

                              plus taser, spray, baton
                              you avatar is so fitting.


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