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sometimes I feel like I cant do anything right!


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  • sometimes I feel like I cant do anything right!

    Whenever I feel good about something, my patrol training officers says you should have done it like XYZ.

    Or I try to use a shortcut to a call, and it turns out there was a better way if I went a block up.

    I also have a hard time remembering the streets and I have to reference my mapbooklet. Then when i get to the location i am like oh yeah I went here the other day.

    I'm about a month into my training and things just do not seem to be clicking, i'm starting to feel better about somethings but nervous also.

    Like when is everything going to click for me?

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    It's different for everyone.

    Just make sure you're expressing your concerns to your FTO - they are there to help you get ready to be on your own. Talking to people on the net isn't going to help you as much as talking to your FTO.
    For every one hundred men you send us,
    Ten should not even be here.
    Eighty are nothing but targets.
    Nine of them are real fighters;
    We are lucky to have them, they the battle make.
    Ah, but the one. One of them is a warrior.
    And he will bring the others back.


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      You'll be fine, you sound like my other rookie that is having trouble. We both graduated the academy a few months ago and he was talking the same things you said. I just picked it up faster but it's taking him longer to do things right. The FTO's are just taking more time with him. He'll start picking it up faster and so will you.

      I totally understand when they look at you like you're a fool.......it sucks and makes you feel like crap, I think they forget sometimes that they were rookies at one time too and didn't know everything.


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        Hey its ok I was so overwhelmed when I got out I questioned myself too I eventually began too pick it up but I will say it took about 6 months so don't get discouraged. On another note you will learn new things about this job and how to do it everyday if you ever think you know it all your setting yourself up for disaster always listen don't just hear what everybody in this job says you will be in a constant learning process till the day you retire.
        Just give it time though and you'll have the basics before you know it. Good Luck.
        "There is no such thing as too much force to soon" Officer Bumper Morgan


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          Keep your chin up. When you first start, each situation you handle is so different from the last one it makes it very difficult to settle into a routine. Keep working hard and you will find the basics will settle down to the point where you won't even think about it anymore. Give it time and patience and keep smiling.


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            I don't do much FTO anymore, but when I did, I didn't even bother so much with whether or not the trainee knew where he was going for the first few weeks. That usually comes with time, and pressuring someone into learning all the streets early on just made them forget things that I wanted them to learn right off the bat.

            My main concern was that they learned the major thoroughfares and which ones were best for getting from A to B. They could learn all the secondary streets/highways as they go along.

            As far as your FTO saying you should have done something a particular way: is it because that's the way he does it, or wants it done, or is it because that's policy or the law? No question, you'll have to do it his way while you're with him, but when you're on your own, you can choose your own methods as long as they are in line with policy and law (and your future supervisor). Personally, I couldn't give a trainee lower scores for not doing it "MY WAY", if it's just because I said so. If his way works just fine and he likes it, why stir things up?

            It's easy for FTO's to get into the mode of "My way is the only way" and not accept anything else. It always causes friction. I always had the trainees to try my way first, but I didn't force it on them.


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              Don't feel bad!! I've got about 4 weeks left in field training and I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's only been the last few weeks that more and more stuff has started clicking. I've always expected perfection from myself and it's hard to accept that no one is perfect at this job. I'm learning a big part of it is just "keep playing" and move on. It also helps me to hear stories of dumb things other officers have done.


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                youll get it, it takes time but if you think for a second you have learned everything youll see something else thats the best part of the job, situations change....as a matter of fact i just got a call from my dective asking why i didnt tow a burned vehicle, same story just a different day and more experience
                In god i trust everyone else gets run on NCIC


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