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Being a DoD police officer


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  • Being a DoD police officer

    Hey everyone!
    I've been working as a DoD police officer since mid 2020. I have to say I really love my job. I get up excited to go to work, work those gates, and go home feeling good about my day. This job is really about perspective more than anything. Many of the guys I work with love their job, and a few believe they are too good for this job.
    ​​​​It could be a good stepping stone or a great retirement job.
    some of the lifers here are neither retired nor looking for another career. They are landlords, have side gigs, or get VA disability.
    The point is, I'm glad I didn't get discouraged from all the bad reviews! I'm planning on sticking around for a while.

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    I guess it is what you make of it. I think you need to know what you are getting into with a job like that. I imagine that it is not a good fit for people who want to chase bad guys around and put them in jail. I am glad that you are enjoying it.


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      Thank you for the insight, MRA89 ! I'm in the process with the DAF here in GA. I know what i'm getting into and if nothing else, just like what everyone else pretty much says, it could be a great stepping stone to a better Federal Agency.
      Stay strapped, or get clapped.

      -George Washington


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        Really depends on your personal goals as well as the base/leadership. For me, it was a good stepping stone. But the work environment was becoming more and more toxic the longer I worked there. Low pay, low moral, disgruntled coworkers, etc...


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