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    Hey all! I have been considering joiining lately and I am looking for some advice. Im 27, graduated from a state basic law enforcement training program last year, but due to some background issues I am having a hard time getting hired. My issues are nothing major. I was never arrested, or even caught for this stuff or anything like that, but some dumb things in my past that I have admitted to are causing me problems. So I have a couple questions.

    1. Do you think military service could be helpfull in proving that I am not the person who made those mistakes anymore? And show that I am very dedicated to a carreer in LE. I dont expect it to erase my past by any means, but could it help?

    2. Is 27 too old to be going in? I know that age limits have been raised, but honestly would I be the "old man"?

    3. If I went for an MP spot, what branch do you reccomend and why?

    Thanks in advance!
    “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”
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    I can't answer the first two questions...but for question 3 If you wanna be hardcore join the Marine Corps.


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      Joining the military does have some weigh in when agencies look at your background. So in a simple answer, Yes it will help your background look better.

      As for you being too old for the service. Not really, because I remember seeing many thirty year somethings joining up and getting shipped to basic. If you can handle someone younger than you being your supervisior and telling you what to do then I say go for it. I'm going to warn you now that you might have a guy whose a couple of years younger than you being your drill sgt, or RDC depending which service you want to get in with.

      Also, I would recommend joining the Navy MA program which is Naval Law Enforcement (Master At Arms). We have the best military law enforcement program compared to the other services. We have had former MPs and former Marines come in and say that our program was more LE oriented that their former service.

      So if you are looking to join up consider joining the Navy.
      Law Enforcement is a career like none other. You face challenges everyday and you get rewarded in the sametime. Thats why LE work is the best career an individual can ever choose. - Me


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        im kind of in the same boat with you fuzz1028, i did some dumb stuff in the past that would probably dq me from a police department. i joind the navy and worked as an MA for 5 years. i just got out a couple weeks ago and i am most of the way through the hiring process and yes, my military experience all but abzolved me of my past dumbness. joining the military will be a big pluss in getting a police job after, but of course nothing is certan.

        im sorry navcop22, but the reason i got out of the navy was the other MAs. in the precinct setting they are the biggest backstabers and i hated every second of it. i voulenteered for every IA mission i could get my hands on just to get out of there. ive been told i was at a bad comand for my first command, but thats all i knew of navy police work. if i could talk anybody out of being an ma at a precinct i will. fuzz1028, if you are dead set on military police work, either go to another branch, or go to a mobile security unit or something. but you would do well for your career to do some military time.


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          Thanks for the responses. I definately have some decisions to make. I have untill December before my certification runs out, so untill then I will keep pounding the pavement to get an LE job. If nothing happens by then I will pursue other options. I wish I had followed my heart and joined the Army at 18 instead of listening to everyone else talk me out of it.
          “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”
          ― Henry Ford


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            My husband just turned 38 and he has an appt. tomorrow to talk to the army recruiter. Like you he did something stupid and even though it happened in 1988 it is still hanging around his neck like the proverbial albatross. See my thread : Us Army - here we come if you want the particulars.

            It is good to hear that service time may help with his past, maybe when he gets out then we can land back in the fine state of Arizona.
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              Just in case you guys don't read this over in the other thread i'll post it here.

              What about Navy Master at Arms?? Let him know that he can apply for Army Criminal Investigation Division anytime he wants. If he has CID under his belt he'll be golden with Federal and Local LE agencies.

              AND...does he have a degree? You guys should look at ALL routes to become an Officer if you are going in. Don't take my word for it, go look at the pay scale and compare someone at an E-6 rank with 6 years in and an 01 on their first day in the job.

              E-6 with 6 years in is 2,519, whereas that brand new Lieutenant is making 2,469. Now, that may not seem like much, but doing 6 years to get that doesnt' seem worth it. Now, the really bad part is seeing how it goes up after that. Let's take an E-4 with four years in and a Captain with 4 years in.

              E-4 with 4 = 1,978 a month. And now the good part..
              Captain with 4 years = 4,392!!!!

              The Captain is making DOUBLE what the enlisted guy is!
              If your husband wanted to make that monthly as an enlisted guy before his twenty years is up the ONLY way he could do it is to be a Sergeant Major. He couldn't be a First Sergeant or anything else, he would have to be at the top, and getting SGM isn't an easy task.

              I am in the process of applying for Army OCS. If your husband has a degree tell him to apply for that when he gets the chance, and the sooner is better!
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                AIR FORCE

                ok so maybe i am a little biased....i been in for 3 years as SF in the AF. i'm actually doing an army mission in baghdad, so if it's action over here you are looking for, plus a better overall quality of life, go AF. if you can get into the AF i'd say it's much better in most categories than an army MP. stateside it can be a little boring, working the flightline, pulling security, or working at a missile base. we all get paid the same and at my base i get a chance to do a lot of LE work (DUI's, traffic stops, alarms, car accidents, missing kids, domestics, etc).

                let me know if you have any specific questions, i can do my best to get an answer for you.
                "Saying guns cause crime is like saying pencils cause spelling mistakes"


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                  I got out of the Army after 5 years of doing the MP thing. I say join the Chair Force, I mean Air Force its worth it. Better quality of life, and better branch of service. The army drops money into bullets and tanks the AF puts money into the welfare of the troops and facilities, and then planes. But after going through the Po Po academy Im glad im out all together, I'm only in the academy now but Im looking forward to doing the "Real Cop" thing, and not get treated like a POS! Try the French Foreign Legion if you want to erase your past!


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                    i agree with you 100% mejo....the sad thing is, when we are over here doing an army mission they tend to forget about giving us any funding as well. they are all about some planes and quality of life, not so much humvees and armor.

                    i'm so sick of army talking to us and having some excuse as to why they didnt join the air force lol
                    "Saying guns cause crime is like saying pencils cause spelling mistakes"


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                      haha everytime i seen an AF guy i was like dude, how do I get to be a SF? I knew some hardcore AF SF that changed over to USArmy MPs and HATED it! lol


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                        we mostly get the crap like must be nice blah blah blah.....hey guess what, we are here for a year too so it not nice lol. we doing the same thing they doing, if not more (chow hall workers, etc who stay on base). im glad i never even talked to the army recruiter, i figured hey, if i can get into the air force why go army? same job pretty much.....
                        "Saying guns cause crime is like saying pencils cause spelling mistakes"


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                          Yea I hear ya. Im just glad im out and Im in the police academy right now! Im done playing Ranger games


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                            I'm going to chime in here. I joined the Navy first (Submarines) and later joined the Army (Infantry than re-classed to CID). I liked the Army better than the Navy and got to blow up stuff as a grunt and do some really cool things as a CID Agent. Whatever branch you choose, make sure you get the college fund in your contract. It's more important than you think. Also, no one says that you have to become an MP, MAA, or SF. If you're not finished w/ your degree, join a pogue MOS, finish your degree and get out. Don't count out Intel or any other job which requires a higher clearance (Secret or above); it all looks good on a resume. Quality of life=USAF or USCG; do what you want and make sure EVERYTHING you want is in your contract and accept NOTHING less.


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                              hey mejo who you gonna work for? what was your process like after you got out?
                              "Saying guns cause crime is like saying pencils cause spelling mistakes"


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