Who else is a Marine Corps Vet turned LE? I served 4 years active duty in the Marines Jan 2001 - Jan 2005. 2 years Security Forces in Maryland, then a year and a half as an infantryman in 2nd Marines at Camp Lejeune. Got out and went straight into BLET, after 8 months after my Honorable Discharge I was on the streets patrolling with my FTO here in my home state of NC.

To any Marine (or other service member) one thing that I HIGHLY encourage you to do is to attend the job fair on base atleast once during your final year of contract. I attended the one on Camp Lejeune, there was an entire auditorium full of Law Enforcement agencies from across the country there to recruit us. Federal, State and Local. I was impressed. Though I didnt go through with any agency there, it was very helpful and encouraging to know there were so many opportunites out there once you leave active service.

If any of you need any advice on the process here in NC about getting certified, just ask.

God Bless and Semper Fi.