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Applying for 31D Direct Accession Program


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  • Applying for 31D Direct Accession Program

    I am currently in the first steps of enlisting with my eye on joining the CID through the Army's Direct Accession Program (formerly the CID Pilot Program). I currently meet all the requirements, and I take the ASVAB this coming week. I don't foresee having any issues with my ASVAB scores considering how well I've performed on all the practice tests I've taken. I was reading another post on this site where someone said that the wait times for CID Special Agent classes are over six months to year, and that there are limited slots every year for this program.

    If any of you can help, I have a few questions about this MOS and this program:
    • Others have said that there a limited spots for this program each year. Should I be concerned that no spots will be available, and I will have to choose between not enlisting, or enlisting in a different MOS?
    • If there are limited seats in CIDSAC, will I end up languishing as a 31B while I'm waiting for an academy seat?

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    Once your accepted into the direct accessions program, your contract will read something to the effect of 31B/D. You will go to Fort Leonardwood for basic and the MP course, then attend the CID course after that. If for some reason you there is a delay in between the completion of 31B MP course and the CID course, you will either stay at Fort Leonardwood and help out around the CID office stamping case files and assisting agents, or you may get stuck staying in MP land working CQ duty for the drill sergeants until you get a class date.

    IF CID is what you want to do, then DONT I repeat DONT just enlist for the sake of getting in the Army and thinking you can join CID in a few months. Just wait for a direct accessions contract.

    Now as a 12 yr CID Agent (Reserve, but 4 active duty depolyments), I have to ask why do you want to do CID on the active duty side? Why not go join a civilian police department and just being a national guard or reserve Soldier on the weekend?


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      DiverB72 I want to join the Army because I want to experience a strict training environment, away from friends, family, or distractions. I've always been interested in the armed forces and I believe that Army will give me a better chance at acquiring the training and mindset which will make me a better person and, eventually, a better officer.


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        Ok I was just curious. Thanks for signing up for the Army, America needs you. I will say this about CID, 95% of your time will be spent at the desk typing reports about what happened to the victim and the steps taken to "investigate it". CID is honestly more of a crime reporter job than that of a detective. You will get some good training, and meet some incredible people, but you will be chained to the desk typing all day.

        CID stands for "Conducting Investigations Deskbound" lol. I admit im burned out and only need 3 more yrs to hit my 20, then im done


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          "IF CID is what you want to do, then DONT I repeat DONT just enlist for the sake of getting in the Army and thinking you can join CID in a few months. Just wait for a direct accessions contract."

          Hard agree on this...be patient and wait till spots open. If they tell you to sign a contract for MP and you can switch later....don't fall for that.


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            NaturalZero In my experience, and the other direct accessions I know, you’ll complete 31B OSUT, then go to your CID office as an assigned 31B while you’re waiting for your CIDSAC slot. However, your office should be able to use you, and you won’t be entirely relegated to stamping case files. You’ll just be “Investigator NaturalZero” instead of “Special Agent NaturalZero” for a little while. Probably working on urinalysis drug cases, which is not bad interviewing experience. If you don’t get a confession, there’s usually enough evidence to get a conviction anyway.


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