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  • military uniforms ?

    Hey guys, I have a question and hope you can shed some light on it. I have never been in the military and don't know much about it's procedures. I'm just curious as to your policy on wearing uniforms? I see guys all over in military gear at amusement parks, malls, food stores etc. I'm not knocking anyone so please don't get the wrong idea, I'm just wondering if it's a personal thing or what. I just think it if were me I would put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and go out, I don't where my uniform anywhere but work.

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    i dont wear mine out for pleasure. sometimes you might see someone stopping at the grocery store and getting something to eat maybe on the way home. maybe the amusement park thing was a special armed forces day or something, cause i doubt many people would wear their bdus out for something like that. only thing i can think of that would would be someone fresh from basic wanting to show off. tehcnically there are rules on wearing your uniform, i forget the specifics.


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      It's different for the different branches, the only one of which I can speak for is the Marine Corps. Here is a list of the different Marine uniforms, and their authorization for wear.

      Blue Dress "A"-formal, not authorized for wear while on liberty
      Blue Dress "B"-formal, authorized for liberty
      Blue Dress "C"-liberty
      Blue Dress "D"-liberty

      Service "A"-liberty
      Service "B"-liberty
      Service "B"(modified)-liberty (wearing your service sweater over standard service "B")
      Service "C"-liberty

      Cammies-strictly work or duty uniform, not authorized for liberty

      Liberty is your time off by the way. There are some other uniforms, such as mess dress, coveralls, flight suits and stuff like that, but the limitations of wear for those uniforms will usually be established by your command. The ones that are not authorized for wear while on liberty can still be worn anywhere on base, except coveralls and things like that which the regulations for are once again established by your command. Hope this helps!!
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        Damn.. you saw me wearing my uniform to the park. I put on the camoflauge so no one could see me...


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          Now some times recuriters will wear there uniforms out but most bases ie Fort Drum we could not wear are uniform to the local malls after 1700hrs on duty days and that was per the CG. A general can always add to but never take away from the reg. The below link will tell you everything you need to know about Army Regulation 670-1.



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            Some people have pride in their service and others do not. Some of the junior troops don't have a lot of money and civilian clothes so they wear some uniform items with limited civilian attire. Others wear their uniform out and about because they are told to or because they choose to. Either way, there are strict guidelines on what is the appropriate and authorized uniform to wear when out and about. I personally chose not to wear my uniform out in town all the time unless it is absolutely necessary. Then again, I live in a town where every other person (it seems) is in the military.
            Thank you to all that serve.


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              i see AF people everywhere in uniform but the way i was trained in the Army, its a service uniform not a hanging out at the mall uniform...now i do wear my old crappy bdu pants out when im working on the lawn or whatnot, but thats it.

              i used to meet my wife for dinner in uniform on occasion, but so many people wanted to buy us dinner it was distracting, im just doing my job, i dont like the attention.
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                I avoid wearing any uniform or ANYTHING that identifies me as military outside of work. I keep my hair long enough to pass for civilian and usually don't shave on my days off. Even my ID remains behind other items in my wallet. It's not that I don't have pride in service, but I have nothing to gain by showing off. No need to draw unwanted attention to myself.

                Officially, we can wear our dress blues/whites or working blues/whites in town. Cammies and utilities are a no-go with the exception of pumping gas and picking up necessary items from the store on the way home (milk, baby formula).


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                  The Army did not consider the flight suit or A2 a uniform. But then we never covered it with patches as the Navy does. I think you could.
                  I ret. in 1984 so this is a bit dated.
                  As I recall, and I could look at my last Officer`s Guide, you could wear no more than 4 qual. badges, The Ranger tab and JWTC patch did not count.
                  So that would cover your CIB, the Av Wings, your jump and ABN Assault wings.
                  No place for the later authorized HALO Wings. Or whatever else you may have earned.
                  RVN Ranger and ABN badges could be worn over the right pocket. I never had them sewn on.
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                    They changed that. You cannot wear any foreign awards on the BDU's when I was in, and they stopped allowing us to wear our jungle expert patches as well. You could only wear them in theater at that time.


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                      speaking NOT from experience,i figure,your either so sick of 'them' youll wear whatever you want,or so proud of 'them' youll wear whatever you want.wearing a uniform,is a PRIVILAGE.....GOOD LUCK TO YOU EITHER WAY YOU wear it


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                        The only time I ever wore my uniform off of base was in my car to and from work. We weren't allowed to stop, even for gas, in anything other than working blues/whites and dress blues/white. I also generally kept my hair in a high and tight when I was working MAA's and long as possible when working nukes. In Norfolk pretty much everyone is in the military so trying to hide the fact is fruitless. Honestly, once I got to my ships I only wore my dress or working blues/whites about 3 times in 6 years. The rest of the time it was either dungarees, poopy suits or cami's.

                        Now that I'm out, high and tight all the time and I have a Navy sticker in the back window.
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                          For the Air Force, the uniform is only allowed to be worn off base while on official business, or for making a quick stop while enroute to or from work.

                          For something like a special Armed Forces day, I don't see anyone having too much of a problem with it - however, I believe it is technically against the rules.

                          The rules in this case is called AFI 36-2903 - you hear a lot about that one in basic!

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