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For you DOA/DON/DOAF guys?


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  • For you DOA/DON/DOAF guys?


    Your sitting on a stop sign, veh. blows stop sign going 50mph + (verified via radar), u chase and are on an open post. driver drives off post and parks 1 block off post, u see him there parked, u pull around and then he pulls out at high rate of speed, pulls into dead end road, approx. 2 blocks off post, your right behind him, he bails............what would your command have you do????????????

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    I can only speak for the Navy, and it really all depends. I've been places where we can't continue a pursuit past the gate. Some of the bases up in the Norfolk area allow pursuits, even traffic stops that begin outside of base. From my experience, once I notified my watch commander that the subject had fled on foot and unless I could grab him relatively quickly, it would probably be called off. Local PD would either be notified, or in most cases if all we had was the speeding and evading, we would just wait for him to come on back to work.


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      Get his plate # and DoD sticker #, run em through CLEOC and have his 1408 or 1805 ready for him when he gets home or back on base....Or notify Desk Sgt. to call the PD and get authorization to persue.


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        Mail him an 1805 if he is the registered owner or have a barment letter ready if no 1805's are available. Unless the person is military the 1408 is toilet paper.

        CLEOC does not have the ability to run tags unless it has a verified DoD sticker through it. If you read the Orignial poster's post he works on an open post (are they still around)
        I don't answer recruitment messages....


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          orlando, let me get a little more specific. small section of "Main" post is fenced in and there are civilian contract guards posted, the who nine yards. larger of the area is the housing area area which is about 2 citys over and is completely open. the housing is not just for military here anymore. civilian, dod personnel, and military live there. main road that goes through from one of the smaller cities to larger one goes right through our housing areas. i work nites and personally dont get a whole lot of military unless i work at the main post, (then i more or less perform role of a MP) but when im on the other side its a free for all. i always thought we were kinda unique in this role because of our position (all in the grey area i might add) we play dual roles as mp's and CALIF. police officers. According to CPC and courts (civilian courts i might add, not UCMJ or fed. mag. courts) when we testify, they asked us if we are cert. ca police officers and we have been able to show documentation to prove this and the dept. has not lost a case on this basis alone.

          i am reletively new to law enform. and only been doing this for close to 2 years now, and true we dont see a lot of the lapd action as a lot of people here suggest they see, but neither does the town of atwater, calif. (my home town). anyways i enjoyed serving in the mitary (Marine Corps, and army) and currantly enjoy serving for them and their families and anyone else that has the honor of coming through our small jurist.

          i probally got off the topic a little, but seems as though everyone here does, but this will be my last rant, at least this much.


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