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Fort Hamilton NY, Dept of Army Police


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  • Fort Hamilton NY, Dept of Army Police

    Does anyone know anything about this department?

    They are looking for 14 officers. Looks like it may be a stand up department. I know they go through a live-in 9 week academy. Any info on equipment, or operations, OPSEC in mind.

    I know some DOA Police units are squared away, with K9's, SRT, Investigators and such.

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    Dispite what some may say about DACP, it is turning out to be a good program. The new academy will be at White Sands, and should be pretty good. The Academy there is modeled after the Ft. Sill DACP academy and will include FLETC instructors. If you are interested, I recommend the Program to anyone with some sense about them. Make sure that your resume is worded exactly like the announcement. It is scanned by a computer that looks for key words and phrases. Also, if you want the job and you are out of state, or the area, put on your resume that you are willing to relocate at your own expense. Hope that helps some. Feel free to contact me if I can help.



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      You do know that those positions are only Temp positions for 4 years...?

      Says so in the annoucement......

      Also says:

      The best qualified candidates for this job must show in their resume that they meet the minimum qualifications described below and have training or experience in the following areas.

      Broad knowledge of applicable Federal Laws, New York State Laws, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances of the National Guard Bureau and Fort Hamilton. Broad knowledge of law enforcement, crime prevention, and evidence gathering.

      Knowledge of proper police procedures (i.e., advises apprehended individuals of legal rights).

      Knowledge of when to use necessary force, including deadly force.

      Knowledge of proper procedures for responding to calls which may involve fire, automobile accidents, robberies, disturbances, and other violations of law and order.

      Looks like they want folks that already have LE experience.....

      But if it interests you...apply......worst they can do is tell you now.

      If you did get hired on, you would be making more than NYPD does starting off and have your foot in the federal door.....

      The VA is hiring in NYC as well....but that annoucement says they want folks that have already worked as LEOs....and security/CO work doesn't count.....


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        i knew some of the mps that were at hamilton and they said it was great small and quite and in nyc. They got some awesome pay also with cola, bah and such but all in all they liked it
        on the job.....


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          Last I heard they work 12 hrs on the gate for 3 days.
          I don't answer recruitment messages....


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            I just saw they reopened and accepting applications.
            Anyone that works there can give some insights, that would be great.
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZQeMv5PXhg HOOAH Brother!!!

            Got the email @ 1800 Dec 16
            STAY STRONG!!!
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