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  • Notice of Results Question

    A couple questions/opinions for you guys and gals out there... Sorry for the lengthy post but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    I applied for 2 DoD police jobs recently; one with the Army, the other with the Navy. The Army job is closer, I know a lot of the people, I have worked in the area, and they stay pretty busy. The Navy job is about an hour commute each way, slow shifts, and I'll be stuck working a gate from what it sounds like, pretty often. The plus to the Navy job sends you to FLETC where the Army's training doesn't mean much outside that department. The Navy offered me a job and the Army one just closed out.

    Friday I was emailed a Notice of Results from the Army stating I didn't meet the experience requirements for the position. The federal resume I attached with my application clearly outlines all their requirements for the job so I'm starting to wonder if someone messed up. Both jobs have the exact same experience requirements so that's why I'm wondering if a mistake was made on their end. I have received NOR's from other jobs stating I wasn't amongst the most qualified and if that were the case here, I would just press on but I know I meet the experience requirements for this position.

    So I guess my questions are;

    1. I contacted the Army HR department (via e-mail because they don't have an operational phone number) asking for clarification to where I fell short on the experience. I'm hoping they review my application and see I meet their requirements. Is there anything else you guys suggest I do there? I don't want to be overlooked due to what seems to be an error.

    2. Is FLETC worth taking a slow paced job with a long commute? I'm not sure if I will stay in federal service forever so outside that world, I know FLETC doesn't mean too much.

    Sorry for such a lengthy post, I just wanted to get your opinions on the situation. Thanks in advance everyone!

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    The issue you face happens to a lot of folks applying to jobs within the Federal system whether DOD, DOJ, Homeland Security etc etc etc. Fore some reason your work experience narrative isn't jiving with the KSA'a. Also in some places they want certain KSA answers. I would look at tweaking your experience narrative. I have seen some folks get told they were not qualified when they worked for the same agency and were just trying to lateral to another location. If you were referred for the Navy sounds like you got their system down. If you want the Army I would suggest tweaking your resume/application (articulate your experience the best yu can but don't lie about it) and at the same time do as you did and just inquire about it. But I would treat the inquiry as a hobby because it probably won't be a quick answer for you.

    As far as FLETC it will be more training and experience for future endeavors however if you are looking at another Federal agency they don't waiver other schools. I recently went to FLETC for lead Firearms instructor re-certification and met a former BP Agent that transferred to the Customs service. Even though he had 6 years on BP Customs made him go through their course. He was just doing it to slow down and get close to aging parents.

    Good Luck


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      Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll take a look at my resume and wait to hear back from their HR. I plan to eventually move on to a city or county department so FLETC isn't going to do much for that. I scored a 92% before my 5 point veterans preference with public safety testing and I'm just waiting to take my PT test. Maybe I'll hear something from one of the departments I tested with before anything else anyway. Again, thanks for the reply.


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