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Army: Call to Active Duty Program 2014


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  • Army: Call to Active Duty Program 2014

    Can anyone provide some insight into the Call to Active Duty program and it's current status in 2014? How difficult is it to switch as an Officer from the Army Reserve to Active Duty?

    The specifics: Due to age (30) I am too old to enter OCS Active Duty directly. Was told by a recruiter that I could go OCS Army Reserve and that switching over is basically a formality. After some research online I realized switching to Active Duty is anything but a sure thing. After OCS and all training is complete, a minimum of 6 months service in the Reserve unit is mandatory. Only then can one request being released for Active Duty, but of course this request could be denied...

    So the question is: how difficult is it? I assume it also depends on the MOS? (In this case it would be this MOS currently highly sought after?) I've read that it can take up to two years, or maybe never! Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    I dont know too much about that but I can tell you there drawing down on active duty soldiers so it might be harder to switch right now. I also know in my reserve unit trying to go active as enlisted is extremely hard, I can only imagine trying to switch as a officer. Good luck, I would just go and get commissioned now before they start messing with the reserves. Worst comes to worst, you can always go active guard reserve.


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      Active Army is actually cutting back on officers, whereas the reserves have a shortage. From what I understand, (1) Going from reserve to active is near impossible, and even more so since they're cutting back and (2) The overall consensus is NOT to enlist solely for the goal of becoming an officer.

      If you're past the age limit, reserves is your only choice. Just keep in mind if it's something you do, you should really want it and expect that you may never be active duty.

      Going reserves will allow you to do know your MOS prior to OCS, while the active guys compete for it while their. That, if anything, is a plus.

      Check out, the folks there will be able to help you out more than any of us can.

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      Originally posted by NYCTNT

      Why do you bother?


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        Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely check out that website. The other possibility would be to go enlisted as an E4 and try to move up to Warrant Officer. Don't know if the two year service requirement for a Warrant application would still be necessary with a college degree...


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          Originally posted by eastwood_44 View Post
          Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely check out that website. The other possibility would be to go enlisted as an E4 and try to move up to Warrant Officer. Don't know if the two year service requirement for a Warrant application would still be necessary with a college degree...
          More then likely you would still need the two years. The whole point of having WO is that they are specialist/subject matter experts. The only field that would let people become WO without experience was aviation, and that was only to be a pilot. The WO running the shop would be experienced.


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            I just read a MIPER message a week ago requesting Army Reserve Officers and Warrants in specific MOS to go back on active duty. I can look in my deleted file and see if I still have it


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              So the question is: how difficult is it?
              It can be easy as pie, or effectively impossible. It depends on the Regular Army's need for junior officers at any given point.

              I would NOT go to OCS as a reservist with the expectation to switch to RA right now. We're in a draw down.

              In 2004-2005 the RA was begging for USAR/ NG Lieutenants to switch to RA. You had to do a PL tour in Korea, but then you could stay RA if you wanted, and if your senior rater endorsed it.

              Don't know if the two year service requirement for a Warrant application would still be necessary with a college degree...
              Nobody gets picked up as a Warrant, except Aviation, with two years. Most WO candidates are SSG/SFCs.

              In the Guard and Reserve you can get REALLY lucky and find a WO slot nobody else wants to fill and land it early that way, but that's exceedingly rare... AND there is a reason nobody wants the slot.
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                Here's what I found on the latest MILPER message. I seem to get these MILPER messages sent to me all the time requesting Reserve CID Agents to volunteer for AD. Only good thing about it is the Army is so short on CID Agents, we can generally pick how long and to some extent where we go do a year.

                â–  Civil Affairs captains and promotable first lieutenants in year groups 2010 and 2011.

                â–  Telecommunications Systems Engineer (FA 24) and Information Systems Management (FA 53) captains and majors.

                â–  Chief warrant officers two and three holding the following military occupational specialties and skills: 152H (AH-64 attack pilot, SQIs C/F/G/H/I and L), 154F (CH-47 pilot, SQIs C/F/G/H and L), 180A (Special Forces warrant officer), 255S (information protection tech), 311A (CID special agent) and 352N (signals intelligence analysis tech).

                â–  Chief warrant officers three and four in MOS 150U (unmanned aircraft systems operations tech).

                â–  Warrant officer one and chief warrant officer two in MOS 255A (information services tech) and 255N (network management tech).

                â–  Chief warrant officer two and chief warrant officer three aviators in MOS 152H (AH-64 attack pilot), 152D (OH-58D pilot), 153D (UH-60 pilot), 153M (UH-60M pilot), 154C (CH-47D pilot) and 154F (CH-47F pilot) for assignment to special operations positions.

                Unlike the branch transfer program, these CAD opportunities do not involve retraining.

                Officers requesting a call to active duty must be fully experienced and skilled in the requested specialty or functional area. Applications must include authenticating documentation, such as proof of education or work experience. Under Army policy, officers only can apply for CAD one time per fiscal year.
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                  You could go reserve and then look for mobilizations to get active experience in your MOS. You'd have a better shot at that point, IMO.

                  As folks have said, we are in a draw down mode so nothing is a guarantee. You may want to also consider AGR. You're basically a reservist on full time active duty and can retire after 20 and not have to wait until you're 60 to collect a pension like most reservists.

                  Good luck.

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