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  • Originally posted by nhb_zoey View Post
    It’s not either of those, it specifically says Fort Worth
    41,952 for GS6 amd 46,619 for GS7 is what it looks like then. I do not see any special rate for 0083 there.


    • Been working as a DAF Police Officer for about 8 months now. It has it's ups and downs, pros and cons. Best way I can describe working as a DAF Police Officer is it's kind of like working as a 1950's cop in a medium sized city in the Midwest somewhere. Almost nobody you pull over is going to have warrants for their arrest or drugs in the car unless your base has a civilian road running through it like Eglin or Edwards Air Force Base. You'll still get the occasional DUI, Domestic Violence, "burglary" alarm at an aircraft hanger or accidental "gate runner"...but I think I can honestly say everything I've done so far hasn't added up to probably one night on patrol at LAPD's South Bureau.

      It's going to really depend what your priorities are: Do you want time off or do you want to make $$$? Do you want non-stop action or are you okay driving in circles all day long (or long stretches of desolate desert)? Are you okay getting assigned old equipment and turning it in every single or do you want to take it home and have some say in the type of equipment and gear you can use? Do you want your department to offer you the latest in law enforcement vehicles such as in car computers, vehicles guaranteed to have working lights and sirens and air conditioning...or would you like to play Russian roulette with your police car? For those of you who are veterans, would you like to be subject to constantly changing military rules every other week from an assortment of officers up the chain or would rather policies progress at a slower pace? Do you want to attend a daytime academy that's in your region or get sent halfway across the country for a few months?

      What do you want out of your law enforcement career? Or perhaps better asked, where are you at in your law enforcement career. For those just starting or eyeing retirement in a few years, DAF Police might be the perfect fit!

      One thing that surprised me is just how many Veteran law enforcement officers ask me about DAF Police as a way to escape from local or state law enforcement. They've had enough of the BS in departments like New York City, Albuquerque, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles County and are willing to take a pay cut (or retire early) and sign up with the Air Force.

      For me, I work to live, not live to work. So those 3 days off (occasionally 4 days off since every other Wednesday is a training stand down day) is absolutely amazing. Although we work 10 hour days at DAF Police, it really equates to about a 9 hour work day max.


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