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    0085 Security Guard positions have opened up at Beale AFB. The job posting opened up today, so if you are in the Northern California area, out of a job with prior security/LE/military experience or if you need a job like yesterday this position is for you!



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      Originally posted by blaze76 View Post
      I would work for any other branch of service before I went back to the DAF Police program. With all due respect to the AF they destroyed anything good that the (Army) Fort Dix Police Department had going when the AF assumed control during Joint basing in 2009. Any former Army DoD officers who were worth a crap there, went or are trying to go to other agencies and escape it. There were atleast 3 (that I know of) assaults by SF's on the civilian officers. Pretty much every couple of weeks some SF airmen or NCO would get DUI off base, get arrested for a domestic assault or various other criminal activities. So the long and short of it is, if you can manage, stay away from 0083 positions at McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. PM me if you're considering this location and I'll give more info on the nitty gritty.
      I don't doubt you at all; I served with my fair share of knuckleheads when I was there. But the Dix guys weren't exactly angels either.

      I distinctly remember one DoD guy pulling up to the main gate (off-duty), wasted out of his mind and the kicker was this particular dude was known to hammer off-duty SF whenever he could. Fortunately for him, his Chief was called and we turned him over to his chain of command......I doubt he would have done the same if the roles were reversed.

      There are idiots everywhere and there wasn't any shortage of them on the Dix side......


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        The job is what you make of and the climate is gonna change from base to base and commander to commander most of which changes every two years. Then if your working with DAF PO that file union grievences if someone sneezes. Most of the ones I work around are all retired AF Tsgt or MSgts and have no law enforcement experience except for Security Forces training, which isn't the best. They are more worried about filing grievences than doing the job. They remind me of 3rd graders.


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          Did DAF police officers get arrest authority? I am guessing they have to turn over to other agencies.

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        If youre a DAF officer at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, District of Columbia, please message me. Thank you.


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          Since this seems to be the most current thread, I'll post here. Recently accepted a tentative job offer at Joint Base Maguire Dix-Lakehurst. I've been 0083 with DoN for 3years so I'm no stranger to the civilian side of DoD. I'm just curious as to the culture at JB MDL specifically. The most recent information I could find on here was from 2017 (or maybe it was even older...I forget). If anyone could chime in or PM that'd be great. I'll take it no matter what (pending PAT, phys., and drug test) cuz it's still a major bump in pay from DoN... just wanna get an idea of what I'm stepping into.


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            It's the same over there as it was 5 years ago. Mainly gates and patrol duties. The only positive is that you're going to NYC Metro special salary rates

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            I figured as much, still more than what I do currently.

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