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  • Air Force Detective (0083)

    Does anyone know anything about the 0083 Detective Position for the Air Force? My understanding is they take the case AFOSI doesnt want. Any further insight on job, training, duties etc.

    Do they attend CITP at FLETC since AFOSI sends their agents to FLETC or MPI school in Mi?

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    A. You will work cases OSI doesn't want felony wise (which doesn't happen that often)....and all misdemeanor cases....such as shoplifting, DV, simple assaults, etc......

    B. MPI School at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

    C. Never, ever heard of a 0083 Detective getting CITP...... The Army has been hiring some as 1811s for Base Detective and they don't even go to CITP..... They might get CID School if they really cry for it....but never CITP.

    D. You will work normal duty shift (9-5/M-F) and also take Duty.....which is usually 24 hour duty and you pick up any cases that happen during that 24 hour period........on top of your other cases.

    E. Additional Training...? Maybe....if you can get the AF to send you to it.......

    F. You fall under the SF Station CDR......so if they want something squashed....it's squashed. It's not like OSI and doing the right thing.......


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      It’s a job, not a bad job, pays the bills and is respectable. It’s hard to explain the position, as the Civilian program is different from place to place, branch to branch. If you understand the Military way of doing things and how that effects law enforcement, punishment and the handling of persons, then you will do just fine in the position, if you are old school police from a civilian agency, with just a few years in the military from back in the day but left for greener pastures, than this job might not be for you. Law enforcement in the military is stuck in the stone ages.
      It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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        Originally posted by DACP View Post
        Law enforcement in the military is stuck in the stone ages.
        At most bases.... Though, you hear about some good ones....then 5 mins later hear about the crappy parts......and it seems to all even out...


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