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  • USA 1811 Fort Belvoir

    Anyone know anything about the recently posted 1811 position at Fort Belvoir? I just received a call about the position. The announcement says its a covered position with LEAP.

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    I definitely know that they do get LEAP. The 1811's at my dept were bitching that we have the highest case volume in the MDW and we don't get LEAP while Belvoir does All the things that I've heard out of Belvoir were good. I also heard that they have a pretty forward thinking Chief.
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      It's basically MPI as an 1811......you will be investigating non-felony incidents that happen on post....plus whatever felonies CID craps off to you because they are too busy......

      The Belvior gig is good because they get LEAP and the 20 year LE Retirement which doesn't happen that often in the Army.....

      Not sure how active they are.....


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        Thank you kindly.


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          From making a few calls, if you are looking for an 1811 position that active but not hellish active, it would be a good gig....

          If you are looking for complex criminal cases, felony cases, and stuff like that.....this won't be the job for you.... It's all misdemeanor cases.....and whatever CID tosses you they don't want felony wise.....

          Patrols will take the basic reports and you do the follow-up...... such as domestic violence, shoplifting at the PX, property damage under the felony amount, etc.....


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