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    OK , Here's my take on why you guys don't have arrest authority:

    Years ago, when Base Security was a joke (waving at Stickers Etc...), and the ranks of MP/SP/MA were filled with people who didn't care what they did in the military, or failed their chosen jobs, There were a bunch of people, both Civ and Mil who were in charge of base security programs.

    Active LE was treated like Mall cops, with Widowmaker holsters, Bizzare weapons carry conditions, and a disinterested 20 year E-5 in charge of the night shift. As the Civ counterparts became more prevalent, many were the same bored disinterested guys who retired and got on at their old unit as a base cop.

    It was Mayberry with BDU's at most of our bases.

    Things have changed, but the folks who were in charge of things at the base level, who spent most of their time chaptering out idiot AD Patrolmen and trying to get their CIV employees to dress themselves right, are now at the MAJCOM, Program Mgr level, and they have not seen what the people in the field are really like now.

    Last they saw was the base security programs in the Mid/Late 90's. And because they are so far up in the adminisphere, they are unaware of how things have progressed.

    To those of us who were on Base security in 1995; How many of those guys would you have wanted armed all the time and arresting folks?

    Things have changed at the street level, but it will take time before the Big Machine admits/reacts to the change.

    Someday, one of the posters here will be in a position to change policy. if they stick it out and don't jump to a Civ agency before they climb the ladder.

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