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active duty vs, reserve

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  • active duty vs, reserve

    okay i have a simple question whats the difference, which is better, which one gets deployed more often ( I have been told reserve get deployed more. is that true?) and is it better to join either one or stay a civilian.

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    That is not a simple question. There are too many variables to consider. In order to answer your question, I have to ask you, what do deployments have to do with anything?

    Not that I always hoped to get deployed, it was part of the job. I really hate it when people join the reserves or National Guard for all the benefits (veteran pref. points, tutition assistance, etc.) then complain when they actually have to go out and earn those benefits.

    I think too many people join for the wrong reasons. You need to ask yourself why you want to serve your country.

    In my opinion, the primary reason you join the military is to serve your country.

    Most of us vets are proud of our service. We did it for something more then a paycheck or "points." We did it because we believed in fighting the good fight, no matter where that was.


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      Wow. What a question. No one can answer that but you. What do you want out of life? I also agree with Buckfan.


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        I'm sorry i wasn't to clear i have no problem going out on deployments or fighting as a matter of fact the only thing keeping me from an an active duty army MP or any foot soldier position is my wife and child the problem for me with deployments is just the fact i have to leave my real young child and my wife for possibly a year at at time every 12 months that i think would be difficult

        (and i know i sound whinny but i am 18 yo and have a wife and child and i am trying to give my family the best future possible while still doing what i want which is LE whether it is civilian or military.)


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          I would suggest you not enlist. At your respective ages and lack of maturity and life experience, I doubt that your marriage would survive the strain.


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            There are more options out there than MP or "foot Soldier". You have to make this decision for yourself and your family. I suggest you sit down with your wife and weigh your options. Don't make this decision alone or your marriage WILL NOT last. Is there/will there be a good support system for you wife and child when you deploy or go away for Basic?

            Do you mind uprooting your Family often to move to a new base? Is your wife willing to move away from Family? Could you live on a Privates wage and support your family (bills, living costs, etc.).

            Do you already have a job in the civilian world? What is holding you back from attending college? What about ROTC? Let the Army pay for your education and become an Officer.

            I am no way trying to steer you away from joining....I am just suggesting you think about everything before you sign on the dotted line.

            If you would like to learn about the Officer side of the Reserves or ROTC send me a PM. Im not too knowledgeable on the Enlisted end.
            "Some people are like slinkies - not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs."


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              justjoe not to be disrespectful but my wife and i have a good marriage we have are up and downs just like everyone else but the stress is not the problem and as far as maturity goes i dont know for sure but i have been told i am mature for my age i got married at 16 and we have made it a year and still happy i can tell you now most people didnt think we would last the week.

              and usa4 i do have a job as a civilian sadly enough i work at walmart my wife does as well and its nit a bad job but i work 7 days a week to keep us at a semi comfortable money situation thats not how i want to live for the next three to four years while i am becoming a cop but thank you for your replies and just to say she told me she doesnt want me to do either one so i guess thats the end of that.


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                Don't join. You seem like you want to stay home, which you should. And if you have this mind set now, I would stay away from LE as well, since you will be away from home while attending the academy and if you get hired, your schedule will be so jacked up you may never see your wife and kid except early in the morning or late at night. Ever think of that? Probably not.

                But if you work 7 days a week now, why not join the military since you are away from home? If you join, you have to go off to training, which means leaving the wife and kid at home and yes the reserves and guard you run the risk of getting depolyed, not to mention your weekend training and 2 weeks during the summer, etc. And when theirs a national disaster, Hurricane, Floods, etc, you will get activated and be away from home...change your mind yet?
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                  I not trying to be disrespectful to you either. I'm just letting you know what the law of averages is for someone in your situation. Good luck to you in whatever you decide.


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                    Think hard bro... Most military MP/SF jobs have double the divorce rate than other military jobs. Do some homework. Its a fact.


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                      thanks ten year vet ok well i am thankful for all advice ok i am going to change this up a little my wife told me active duty would be better for us if that is what we do. what would you all suggest for positions on my choice lists. and irishlad2nv thanks to you but yes it would be a little easier to stay home then to go but it would not support my family and i think we would be better off but i dont know thanks again all.


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                        Are you thinking Enlisted or Officer for Active Duty?.........I would recommend OCS or ROTC.
                        "Some people are like slinkies - not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs."


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                          What they said - it all depends on your current situation. I have been both active duty and reserve (currently a reservist called to active duty!). I have a civilian law enforcement job, too, which helps me bring a different skill set to the table.

                          MPs get called up / deployed a lot. We're a small bunch and are needed a lot in the contemporary operational environment. The good side about being a reservist is I have a home -- roots. My kids don't have to move around and change schools all the time, we're well-connected in our church, I own a house, and I have a job to go back to.

                          The advantages of active duty are, as an officer you'll make a LOT more than you would as a civilian cop...hmmm, that's all I can think of.

                          Yeah, I like being a reservist.


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                            ok thanks all for everything i am going to give an update i talked to a air guard recruiter took the asvab passed got almost done with meps then got DQ because of a hole in my ear drum i didnt even know i had so military is out of the question.


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                              Too bad, sorry you can't join

                              NOW LEARN TO PUNCTUATE!!!


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