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  • EOD Question

    Deleted by author
    Last edited by Dickie2798; 12-05-2009, 10:02 PM.

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    I think you may be in the wrong website for this question
    Never ask a man if he served in the Marine Corps! If he earned the title "Marine" he will tell you, if he didn't, there is no need to embarrass him.


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      I agree, try you may get a more detailed answer from members in EOD.


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        Originally posted by Dickie2798 View Post
        Hello, I am looking at being EOD. My recruiter has me set up for an interview. He told me a little about what it is going to be like, I was just wondering if anyone else has any advice for me. Thank You very much.
        Which branch of the military are you talking about?

        As for the army side, you'll attend basic training at Ft Leonard Wood or Jackson as that's usually where most initial entry EOD guys go. Sometime during your stay there you will go over to the EOD company with the rest of the guys trying to be EOD and take a bomb suit test and a chem suit test. Expect to spend about an hour in each suit. You will have to do a lot of pt and random menial tasks in each suit. It's mostly to see how you're going to fare mentally. After that you will go to Red Stone Arsenal in Huntsville Al for at least 3 months depending on how many people are in front of you waiting on a class. You'll get up and start pt around 0500, start class around 0800 and finish at about 1700. Study hall starts at 2000 and lasts an hour or so. GO TO STUDY HALL EVERYDAY. You'll learn EOD history, Explosives history, Ordnance Identification, some robot training and a few other things.

        Phase 2 is at Eglin Air Force base. The fastest you can get through there without "rolling" is 8 months. You roll back a class if you fail a test twice. Minimum score is 85. If you mess up bad enough or an instructor thinks that you don't cut it you might not get a retest or a roll. If you get dropped from the program you'll get a new job in the army somewhere. As far as classes go; You start with Core 1 which is basically the same as Redstone. Then you go to Demo and learn how to use explosives safely. From there you go into Tools and Methods (tmd's) where you learn about different tools we use in the field. Your fourth stop will be at Core 2 where you learn how to recon ordnance to find out what it his and how to make it safe. Now that you have learned all these neat tools and trick you'll head into the Ground Ordnance Division or GOD as they call it and put them all together. There you will learn about any piece of ordnance that is thrown or projected or placed on the ground i.e: hand grenades, projectiles, and land mines and use procedures and tools to render safe ordnance. After god, you go to Air division where you guessed it you'll learn about air craft based ordnance such as missiles,bombs, cluster bombs (dispensers) and the sub-munitions that come with them.

        Roughly halfway through right now.

        After air you head over to the I.E.D division. Here you will learn how to use an x-ray source and how to interpret x-rays. You'll learn electronics and components, from this you will be able to determine how an I.E.D functions. You'll get to learn more tools here. You get both stateside scenarios wartime scenarios.

        Next is B/C (biological/chemical) where you get to learn procedures on handling these long days at work. Then its off to Nukes. Hope you have your clearance by then or you go on security hold and wait it out. Then you go onto WMD class.
        Everybody but the navy is done at this point. They go learn underwater stuff.

        Before you enlist you need to make sure that your credit is in good shape because you're going to have to have a clearance. Eglin has changed a lot since I was down there as far as class hours and study hall go. Im not sure whats going on with all that now. Be prepared to go to study hall every day of the week though. You'll put in mostly 12-14 hour days. It's fast paced and relentless. Sometimes you will learn a subject for a week then test on it. Sometimes you'll learn a subject for a couple of hours and test on it. There is no open book or open note test either. Out of the 25 people that started in my class, only 4 of us graduated without rolling or getting kicked out. You're actions in town reflect also. Any alcohol related incident and you're gone. Just about anything you do to make yourself or the school/military look bad and you're gone. They don't play around. IF you graduate you will be on probation for 18 months. If anywhere during that 18 months you do anything stupid or get someone hurt or prove yourself unsafe they will take your badge and find you a new job in the army.

        So needless to say you have to be 100 percent committed and have some common sense. Oh yeah, common sense is reference-able in the publications so you can be failed and booted if you're an idiot.

        Good luck.

        I know I'm not an LEO but I am a tech thats why I posted here. Sorry for stepping on any toes.


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          Thanks for posting MadMax! I have a good friend that just started his stint at Elgin for EOD. He is a sharp kid, and should do fine. I'm ONLY an MP, so I didn't have to do half of what you soldiers do! Thanks for doing such a dangerous (fun) job!
          Originally posted by Smurfette
          Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
          Originally posted by DAL
          You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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            Originally posted by Arewethereyet View Post
            I agree, try you may get a more detailed answer from members in EOD.
            That forum sucks....more wannabes there than here......

            Try going over to SOCNET. Folks there are REAL DEAL Spec Ops to include a EOD Section.....all have been verified......

            If you do go over.....

            A. Registar and post a intro.....

            B. SEARCH AND READ before you post questions.... A lot of questions have been asked/answered in the EOD Section.....


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              I am in EOD school currently. Depending on what your question is I will try to answer. Shoot me a PM. Mind you you have to pass dive prep then dive school to get here if you go the Navy route.
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                Do you all still go to Indianhead MD for any of the phases? Went to the school back in 95, it was a blast pun intended, but I know they have changed things since then. Take head of the warning about study hall, DO NOT blow it off, I was only a few weeks from graduation, and blew off a study hall, I failed the test, went in front of the academic review board (do they still do that?) it was a quick board all of 5 minutes, I was asked about my study hall attendance, and why I did not go, I told the truth , I wanted to have a beer and watch the game, that was when I was told great, we will give you the opportunity to drink as much beer as the command allows, and you can watch any game you wish………at your new unit, that was it, my EOD career was over, I was there awaiting my orders to move on, and got to watch the class I was in graduate, that sucked worst feeling I ever had. I can say this though I have respect for anyone who wears the crab, they truly earned it.
                It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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                  Hows life at the barracks? Glad to see you got there okay.

                  Are you Army EOD? If so I'll try not to hold the Army thing against you, I'm USMC.

                  I second what Bearcat said. SOCNET is way better than here when it comes to EOD stuff. I still post there on occasion. I went thru the school in 2004 but did not finish due to personal reasons. The school is hard, pay heed to what MadMax52 said as well. It seems we got some techs here but your better off going to SOCNET.

                  Nobody goes to Indianhead anymore to my knowledge. And yes it's still an ARB, I had 2 myself.
                  Last edited by Sean0352; 11-04-2009, 04:02 PM.


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                    Barracks life there was gay. No beer allowed in the rooms, no males allowed in female rooms (vice versa). They had no i.e.t kids living with prior service. Services didn't mix for sharing rooms.
                    Plus that whole military barracks part of it too. lol
                    Sean I am Army EOD. but I wont hold that Marine thing against ya, unless I get that "warm n fuzzy", then I might. LOL


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