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Impact of being an MP to becoming a Trooper?


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  • Impact of being an MP to becoming a Trooper?

    Im thinking about talking to a recruiter for the Air National Guard to become a MP. How big of an impact on the applications and an impact on my chances in being offered a position as a Trooper if I did become an MP?

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    The impact would be needing to turn down an academy seat because you are leaving for Basic.

    If you are planning on doing both do one of two things.

    #1. Join the guard, get through Basic and your tech school, then apply to LE.


    #2 Get into LE, go to the academy, FTO, and finish probation and then go into the guard. Dont try and do both at the same time, because the Guard will win.= and Im assuming your are wanting to join the guard to enhance your chances of getting hired.

    The Air Force has Security Police, not MP's. Just semantics but you may as well get it right. Another thing, LE doesnt care what you did in the military. All they care about is that you are in good standing or that you have an Honorable Discharge. (or Medical. I work with a couple cops who got out on medicals) Dont think you need to be an SP. Join to do something you will want to do on the weekends. This is purely my opinion. I stayed away from MP because I didnt want to spend all week doing cop stuff, then go to drill........and do cop stuff. But, there are benefits. SRT Schools, Sniper Schools, etc.
    Once your a cop, a lot of it is department personality. When it came time for me to REenlist in to the Reserves, I was an FTO and was on SWAT with my agency. I was more or less politely told by my commander that I needed to choose a career. So you never know. I opted to get out. He wasnt threatening me by any means, he was a good friend, but he was telling me that in that particular agency, that was the mindset in THAT agency. Like it or not.
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      Alright thank you for the advice. The reason I would join is, your correct, to enhance my chances of getting hired. So I think I am going to work on school as of now, then work on getting into the academy and see what happens after that. But thank you for replying, I appreciate it.


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