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  • Enlisted or Reserves?

    Hello, I have decided I want to join either the Air Force Reserves or go Enlisted. I have taken my ASVAB. I am looking at the Security Forces. My question is this; Iam planning on furthering my education and the college of choice is in northern CA. I currently live in PA. Would I be able to go through with the training and then get placed in the area by the college? My career goal is to become Law Enforcement in CA, so if I went reserves, did the training and then came out and furthered my schooling then went for a department, would that be a good decision or would it be best for me to go Enlisted and work on the education as much as I can while in the service then come out and finish or start it and become a Law Enforcement Officer? I was also wondering, I know it is probably a no, but I was looking at some things on the reserve website and saw that it had some bases that were looking for certain things like SF, if I requested to go to one of these bases as Enlisted would that be possible or is that usually a no?
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    Well you can be enlisted in active duty and the reserves. Biggest part is what area do you live in? Philly no longer has an AF Reserve unit as the 913th Airlift Wing was deactivated as was the 913th SFS. I was in that unit.

    If you want to be in Cali, if you go active you have a chance of going to a base in Cali such as Edwards, Beale, Travis or Vandenburg. LA AFB does not use SP's.

    Also you say your school is in Cali, then go to the reserve recruiter and see if the base has openings in the reserve squadron for cops.

    A reserve enlistment is 6 years of drills plus 2 weeks duty. You can also be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for a year if the AF needs you and they will.
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      You could also do an Active Guard and Reserve tour in the USAF Reserve, or Guard. This may prove to be difficult for a new troop, but it can be done. This type of duty is what I like to call "the best of both worlds".

      Once you complete Basic Military Training and, if you choose, The Security Forces Academy (academy, haha) you will return to your Reserve Duty Station. Once there, they may have open AGR positions. There will be an application process, but if selected you will be assigned to that unit for four years. There will be no permanent change of station, unless you choose to move, or something big happens like a base closure.

      I have found that there may be a few units that will not allow you to deploy under any circumstances. You will be assigned to a homeland security type mission, and that's where you will stay. Some Commanders think that you are there to protect the assets on their installation, and that's where you belong. After all, you know how to protect that base, so why would they want to try to retrain another troop to back-fill your slot for six months to a year, when you already know what you are doing?

      Sorry for the long post, if you have any questions on the above, fire away. I have done that gig, and know a lot of the ins and outs. I am quite educated on how to get into (and for what it's worth, out of) these slots.

      Oh, and you can select where you would like to be stationed prior to enlisting with the Reserve and Guard and you can move if you would like to, as long as the slots exist.
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        Ok, so I can join the Reserves and be placed on active duty then, correct?

        I also can select where I would like to be stationed as long as they have slots open for what I am interested?

        I was also wondering how the process works for using the GI Bill and attending schooling.


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          I will respond to your pm in the am.

          Yes, you can go from the reserves to active duty on orders. You can select the base you want to go to as long as they have openings.

          If you use the GI Bill while your on active duty you would be under the restrictions that your unit would place on you.
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            Hi, and best of luck to you in your decision, making a commitment to serve your country in the Armed Services is a life changing experience.

            Regardless of Active Duty, Reserve, or Air Guard, you will be "Enlisted", that is, in the enlisted rank structure, E1-E9, as opposed to being a Commissioned Officer. You will attend Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX, and if you decide to go Security Forces you will have the distinct pleasure (cough) of staying at Lackland for Tech School.

            Keep in mind that if you go Active Duty, that will be your full time job and your life. You can make going to school a priority on your own, but your work schedule and deployments will supersede this...and if you go SF, you WILL deploy. There is also no guarantee of being assigned to the base of your choosing, in fact, you can all but completely forget that idea.

            On the other hand, if you go into the Reserves or the Air National Guard, you will choose which Wing (base) you enlist in and that will be your home station for the duration of your career unless you decide to transfer to another Unit. You will not, however, have a full time job when you report to your Unit after completing Tech School. You will need to, presumably, pursue employment on your own.

            The idea of obtaining Active Duty orders as a Reservist has been mentioned, and this is certainly an option, I did it for a few years myself, in northern California (among other places) actually. I was at Travis AFB and liked it a lot. Keep in mind though, that these orders, referred to as ARC or MPA, were open only to those having completed a level of training referred to as a 5-level. It is not hard to get, and in fact will be mandatory, and simply consists of a series of books you will need to study, called CDC's, and a multiple choice test. It is easy to enroll in, the training section of your Unit will see to that, but I believe there may be a time-in-service requirement...simply put, you will not be given the opportunity to upgrade to 5-level for a period of approximately 6 months to a year, possibly a bit more. There are other possible full-time opportunities at Guard and Reserve Units as well. AGR has been mentioned, and there are positions out there funded as federal technicians and state technicians (Air Guard only). However, don't count on these opportunities being available to immediately.

            If you want to start seeking more detailed information, the Reserve Units at Beale and Travis are the 940th and 349th, respectively. I'm not familiar with the locations of California Air Guard Units, but a quick Google search would probably get you started in the right direction


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