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Does AF SF equal Army MP?


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  • Does AF SF equal Army MP?

    Just wondering since an Army Warrant sounds cool and I would ike to think that the MP's have Warrant Officers.
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    Originally posted by hudson69 View Post
    Just wondering since an Army Warrant sounds cool and I would ike to think that the MP's have Warrant Officers.
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      I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're asking whether Army MP's are the same job as USAF SF, because like orlandofed, I'm confused about what you're asking.

      Different branches call their military police different things (Army and Marines call them Military Police/MP's, Navy calls them Master at Arms/MA's, and USAF calls them Security Forces/SF) but they are all relatively the same thing (with certain unique aspects that fit their branch of service).


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        Originally posted by orlandofed5-0 View Post
        I second Orlando's reply. Is your question based on wanting to join the AF Security Forces, but also wanting a WO appointment? I'm assuming you know the AF doesn't have any Warrant Officers anymore (the last one retired in 1992, Reserve CWO4 Bob Barrow), and you want a chance to be in a military police career field as a WO.

        Unfortunately, from the WO MOS List I just saw, it looks like the only specialty along those lines would be as a CID Special Agent (311A), and it looks like you have to start out as a sergeant (E5) or higher, serving in MOS 31D, to get the WO appointment.

        I'm not gonna make any bad jokes about an Army Warrant Officer going around serving arrest warrants . . .
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          I can tell you that there's a HUGE difference between MP's and SF troops. I've worked around both.

          Dont expect to actually work the road as an MP either....In Iraq or Afghanistan maybe.

          Army warrants do not work the road. Hell, good luck finding an Army installation without civilian police.


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            As posted there are no longer warrant officers in the air force. Is the AF SP's much like army mp's. The answer is yes and no. Army MP's do not do flightline security or nuclear missle security the way the AF does. Even navy MA's do not do things the way the air force does.

            While you can enlist (if your prior service) as an NCO you can not go warrant in the AF. The navy has warrant officersnd regular commissioned who are known as LDO's (limited duty officers) who can be used as command security officers (basically run the base police).

            In the af generally majors and above are security force co's.
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              Of course, only Marine MP's are Marines.


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                Let me re-phrase...

                I was a little punch drunk when I wrote that the other night; I moved from an 0600 start time to a 1700 start time and yesterday was day two and it was about 0100 so I was kind of out of it.

                Anyway here is what I was asking:
                I am thinking of going from the USAF Reserve and into the Army Guard or Reserve. In the AF I am a TSgt/E-6 Security Forces/Combat Arms but I got my start as Security Police (Security Long). I would like to avoid going to the MP school if possible since I would have to go to Warrior Transition Center (WTC) just by transferring over from blue to green.

                Because I have my Bachelor's degree I am also thinking about trying for OCS but would prefer to be a warrant (Dad was a Warrant Officer, mechanic type) but you cannot be a warrant officer unless you have so many years of experience in the career field that you are applying for.

                So, as an AF SF member can I go into the Army as an MP without going to MP school and do Army MP's have Warrant Officers in their career fields?

                Hopefully this is a better clarification; I did get some good sleep and I am drinking Monster energy drinks now.....
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                  Try the navy. The navy has both commissioned and warrant officers who are base security officers (equivalent of an SFS CO). You would be known as a Mustang and an LDO since you would be limited in your career choices.
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                    The Army does not have warrants as MP's. The closest you'll get is CID and thats after YEARS of experience. Even then, they are pretty rare.

                    You do realize that Army MP's are deployed constantly and do very, very little road work? You also realize that civilian federal police control most installations right?

                    I would suggest go in as an officer. With your degree, its a no brainer but I would choose another MOS.


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                      To become a CID Warrant, one must.....

                      Warrant Officer Requirements:*
                      - Be a SGT (E5) or above serving in MOS 31D
                      - Two years criminal investigative experience with USACIDC (non-waiverable for enlisted Army personnel) (Will consider accreditation from other services such as AFOSI, NCIS, DCIS, etc)
                      - Demonstrated potential to serve as a team chief, Special Agent-in-Charge or operations officer as documented in previous performance evaluation reports and supervisors endorsements
                      - Bachelors degree (120 semester hours), may be waived to 60 hours if otherwise fully qualified
                      - Current Top Secret clearance based on a Single Scope Background Investigation
                      - Management abilities and good communication skills

                      31B/E V5’s seeking direct accession to Warrant Officer must meet the prerequisites for both 31D and 311A, the exception being the MPI would have completed MPI school leading to award of V5 and served at least 24 months in an MP investigator capacity. MPI applicants must be SSG or SFC not yet eligible for MSG.

                      *Commissioned officers are ineligible for Special Agent positions



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                        The Guard is a different animal. They may work with you since you have prior service experience. A lotof times job experience will outweigh being enlisted in that career field.


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