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Marine reserve while a police officer


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  • Marine reserve while a police officer

    I am considering an enlistment in the Marine Corps reserves while a police officer. I am looking into a local grunt unit and was just wanting to see if anyone else has done both at the same time, to answer a question or two. I am in a medium size department that will be left short on my shifts if I am forced to go in on specific weekends every month. I understand that any deployments and my 2 weeks of annual training will be unavoidable. But I hate the idea of leaving the guys I work with short and handling my calls every month.

    So my question is has anyone else been in the reserves and been allowed to do there monthly training on there off days or is it usually on a specific weekend and no exceptions made?

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    Drill weekends are usually set in stone. There is a reason for that as it is training that you need to complete in order to do your job.

    There may be times when you can switch, or come in during the week, but I would not count on it.
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      I understand the whole idea of training and appreciate it. I would be off for roughly 1/2 to 1/3 of the week ends in any case. I am a motivated guy and would only be an asset to any organization. I am not willing to leave one group of co workers in danger and doing my work so I have have my cake and eat it too though.

      I was just trying to see if anyone had been allowed to switch stuff up in the past or if was hard and fast rule. I am a little over the noraml age to enlist and am already having to have get a CO to endorse me go get a waiver. I have a meeting with him in a few days go get the "blessing". I just wanted to have an idea of what he "might" say when I posed my only question for him.

      I have no other reservations about my enlistment and don't mind the deployments and work ups. I don't want to waste a busy Lt. Colonel's time if they can't work around what seems like a small obsticle. I am going to have to get paid quiet a bit by my current employer (in make the difference up pay), to even be able to afford going back to boot camp and MOS school. I would also be volunteering for at least one deployment and leaving them short for that time also. But, I can't screw them one of every 4 weeks for the next 6 years with a good conscience...


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