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Funny stories involving use of force


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  • Funny stories involving use of force

    Ok, lets hear em. What funny stories do you have involving use of force, implied use of force, or the threat of use of force, everything from hands on to MWD (as the presentation and actual use of deadly force is not a funny matter, but nothing involving actual injuries, such as bleeding etc, those are not very funny either).
    My funniest involved OC, we were securing a crime scene, larceny of 2 gvt laptops from a unit area, and had brought everyone into one room (approx. 10-14 people to 3 MP's) They decided they were going to leave (even though we were holding them for the investigation, and also were in posession of their ID cards) so me and the other MP's took our OC out and told them we'd spray every person that walked past a table that was about 6-8 ft from the door (one was at the door, and the other 2 walking around the room making sure no one was talking to each other) well about 3/4 of the people decided it would be a great idea to keep going, one guy tackled his buddy, and yelled at everyon, don't f with them, that sht hurts. Believe me, that guy (pointed to one of the other MPs) sprayed me about a week ago. Well, one person didn't believe him, only one, the others sat down. He was sprayed as he decided to swing at the MP at the door....needless to say no one else got up until they were told they could leave.

    Another one, me and my partner were wrestiling a rather large man trying to put cuffs on him, I pulled my spray out, they rolled as I was spraying, and I hosed my partner, right as 4 other MP's were running up. Now, I realize its not funny then, it was a serious officer safety thing, but, we can laugh about it because nothing happened, and learn from the scenario, and attempt to never have it happen again (the MP was fair skinned also) The unfortunate thing about OC is that when it is applied it is almost 100% gurantee you get a buddy as well as the perp, if not on initial application, then during the control faze.
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    Well my parole officer told me not to discuss my cases with any one so ill keep those to my self, my lawyer also advised me that due to pending litigation I should point all questions to him. So I will only tell stories that I have heard passed on to me.

    We responded to a call of a domestic, when we got there the call turned into an out of control juvenile (he was high or drunk if I recall) he barricaded him self in his room on the second floor. We made entry into the room just as he went out the window, one MP went out the window after him (the roof of the garage was right below) we all booked it out side, just as a naked fat sweaty stoned hyper kid jumped off the roof, we were able to wrestle him to the ground he was fighting us with all he had, I recall some one yelling spray his &##, with some one else yelling get his leg’s soooooo that is exactly what the mp did, sprayed his legs but the stream bounced off and right into my face, the cuffs did go on and we were able to get our subject under control but I was hurting for the rest of my shift.

    I mad a traffic stop and was backed up by our K-9 unit, made contact and detected the odor of marijuana, and noticed a roach in plain view in the cup holder (it was a fatty) I got the driver out telling him his tail light was out (it was) and he could verify it was out. Once out we started to chat, he had that do I run or do I fight look in his eyes, as the conversation progressed to the “can I look into your vehicle” apparently I said something wrong there and the fist went flying we tussled for a few and heard K-9 yelling and the dog barking, but since I was in the tussle he could not release the dog, in my mind I was thinking stop get back let the dog get him, so I retreated and my subject ran, K-9 yelled to stop or the dog is off leash, my subject did not stop, and so the dog went off leash, and sat there………then laid down………then rolled around……….then sat……….and barked ……..and finally he took off……then sat his handler was getting ****ed yelling and screaming commands but the dog was on his own agenda, finally the dog took off my subject was a long ways away to say the least, I was not going to run with a dog off the leash, and the handler was trying to get the dog to go, so yah he was a considerable distance away, old boy never knew what hit him, the dog was all over him and was not about to let him go, we finally got to the subject the dog was released and I got him cuffed and stuffed, the on the walk back to the car, my subject kept telling up that’s not fair, he was fighting me, and we had to go get a dog its just not fair, we was just smoking it up a bit waiting to make a deal when we got the dog on him. He ended up admitting to several crimes during the course of investigation and questioning, and every thing ended with but did yah need to get the dawgs on me?
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      Well, I've never been in an actual situation where use of force was necessary; however, during my A school training, we were running an OCONUS exercise involving an ECP, ACP, patrols, and tactical procedures for clearing a vessel. We had a situation arise when two intoxicated people (roleplayers) were arguing at our ACP. I was on foot patrol and responded to the situation as an additional response if it was necessary. Well, one guy started throwing fists and guess who got OC sprayed? THE VICTIM! Even though it was inert, we were just like WTF? The guy who sprayed was so nervous he just let it loose, he didn't know who to spray! I was in the process of placing cuffs on the guy who got sprayed so he doesn't get all ****ed when he started resisting. At that time I authorized an iron wrist lock take down when he didn't bring his other hand around. Only problem was, we weren't supposed to execute level 4 use of force except for OC...boy did I get my a** chewed out for that one...

      At least they say what you do in training is what you do in real life, so I guess I would've been ready!


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        Originally posted by jb5722
        you guys have to be authorized to use a wrist lock for a subject resisting? (and i realize your in the military)
        Well, not authorized by another individual, but authorized in the use of force continuum just like you can't jump from level 1 (officer presence) to level 6 (deadly force) unless it is necessary.
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          To add on, that's also when we're INCONUS, we are under ROE when OCONUS.


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            We were ar a domestic and my flight chief decided to whip open his ASP into my left Elbow. I Howled like a dog and the fight stopped. Husband came quietly. I guess he figured if the guy would hit me, he'd probably hit him too.

            The wife gave me a bag of frozen corn for the ride back to the desk.

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              Originally posted by M-11 View Post
              We were ar a domestic and my flight chief decided to whip open his ASP into my left Elbow. I Howled like a dog and the fight stopped. Husband came quietly. I guess he figured if the guy would hit me, he'd probably hit him too.

              The wife gave me a bag of frozen corn for the ride back to the desk.



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                one buddy punched a local national in the face cause he tried to run, the kid fell down and started crying, my other buddy walks up and leans down and says "theres no crying in baseball!!

                not an MP..but..still funny..
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                  Had this one individual on the base who would get drunk at the Airmen's Club, peel his shirt off, and start fights. One night he was up on the chairs in the waiting room at the ER of the base hospital, giving us his best Bruce Lee impression. We (at least 3 SPs) held up a blanket like a shield, rushed him, and wrapped him in it. Some of the med techs might have helped with that because they were tired of his crap, too; I can't remember.

                  Sometime previous to that, he had kicked one of our MWD handlers in the face and knocked him out. Our (WAF) 2Lt. shift commander grabbed Al's dog's leash before the dog could go 10-8 on everyone in the room, and spun him out of the room where Airman Dipstick was and into a nearby latrine, and shut the door behind him. I wasn't there for that one, but heard about it in glowing detail afterward.

                  I was one of the guys carrying Amn.-No-Class Dipstick into the LE bldg. after the hospital episode. Maybe we should have opened both of the double doors at the front entrance, because the little puke arched his back in an attempt to struggle free, and smacked his own head into the unopened door.
                  In one of those rare instances of Poetic Justice, Al the K9 handler was also one of the guys carrying the prisoner.
                  I'm sure it looked like we were using him for a battering ram, but we weren't "using force," we were just carrying the idiot . . .
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                    I'm kind of confused by your postings.

                    Due to the fact you recieved this training in A school, I will assume your a PS.

                    Now, by reading your posts the Coast Guard uses ROE in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other Law Enforcement Missions outside of the US?

                    So, you got your butt chewed out because you used an authorized technique on a subject who was resisting you after they were sprayed with OC? Because you weren't authorized to go past level 3 with the exception of OC?

                    Can you send me a PM on who the instructor was, and the date of the training?

                    The Coast Guard shall always use the rule of following Commandants Use of Force Policy. Especially when it pertains to Enforcement of Laws and Treaties. Rules of Engagement shall be used in a Combat Enviorement while working for the Department of Defense. We'll still use our UOF Continuim. Though, since ROE is at best vague, and when you actually read it. 95% it's the same reading just different name. Your still covered.

                    When it comes to training. Your not gonna authorize one technique on a use of force situation, and not use the other. Thats why there are safety equipment and parameters. It's not reasonable to be able use OC spray, and not use take downs, when in reality thats what you would do to prevent a subject going overboard, or to gain control of the subject.

                    I might not know what I'm talking about. So let me explain the best I can on my expierence.

                    TACLET NORTH 1999-2004
                    TACLET SOUTH 2004-2007
                    CGPD - Current
                    MLE BO School Graduate - 2002
                    PPCT Instructor - 2002

                    Either way. Thanks for your service. Stay safe!!!


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                      Originally posted by jb5722
                      you guys have to be authorized to use a wrist lock for a subject resisting? (and i realize your in the military)

                      We follow the same use of force as the majority of departments in the US. I think what he was try to explain safety enviorements of a training session. Which I hope is not the case, it takes away from reality and it'll promote mistakes in the field.


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                        I broke a girls arm some time in 2002 as she was actively resisting. She twisted the wrong way and *pop*. A couple four letter words followed but she had swing at a uniformed MP ad I was MPI at the time. Tiny little thing but she was a ball of fury, and completely wasted.

                        So, yeah, she filed a suit and ended up losing. I charged her with 3 things, resisting, assault on LEO and something else, I cant remember. She was so smart that she admitted to everything on the stand in court that we charged her with, to include swinging on a uniformed MP. He lawyer was about 500 lbs and a complete retard too. Needless to say that we won that one and she ended up being barred from post. Another fine specimen from Leesville Louisiana.

                        I have many stories with use of forces but none really stand out as amusing.


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                          I responded to a call of a women acting disorderly (her husband called). I was the only one dispatched due to the fact that there was a suspicious package incident going on. When I arrived on scene, I got my dog out and approached the husband who was outside waiting, he stated his wife was acting strange and was sitting in a dark corner in the house alone. I entered the house and the lady (who is was wearing a short tee-shirt) stood up and started calling me the devil and that I had my devilish dog with me and that she was jesus. She continued to yell and then she charged me...bad mistake...you can guess wht happened next!!!!Well I was able to detain her very easily and she was hauled off to the mental hospital!!


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